Double Deckers Trivia Page

by David Noades

1. There were plans to remake the series in 1996 with some of the original cast members making guest appearances, but the idea was put on hold.

2. Producer Roy Simpson's production company was called Century Films, and this name was used as a the film studio in Star Struck and as the TV studio in Robbie The Robot.

3. Michael Audreson and Brinsley Forde both appeared in similar roles in two series of another Harry Booth-directed show called The Magnificent Six And A Half in 1968 and 1969.

4. The sign in the gang's scrap yard HQ which reads "London 17 miles" is an in-joke, because that is actually the distance from the film studios in Borehamwood to London where the series is supposed to be set!

5. In France the series was very popular and was dubbed into French. It was known as "L'autobus à Impériale", although only 12 episodes were ever shown because the producers had trouble translating the other 5!

6. The series was filmed at the Associated British Picture Corporation Studios in Borehamwood (Elstree) -- later the EMI-MGM Studios -- where other classic series such as The Avengers, The Saint and Department S were made.

7. Producer Harry Booth also featured Debbie Russ in a cameo role as Tiger and a recreation of the Double Deckers HQ in the full length movie Go For A Take which starred Reg Varney, although this was filmed at Pinewood and not Elstree Studios.

8. The BBC were originally invited to make The Double Deckers, but they turned it down and made their own version instead called Adventure Weekly about a gang of kids who run their own newspaper.

9. Some of the plot ideas for the series were seemingly 'borrowed' from old Children;s Film Foundation films (Harry Booth was a CFF director), eg: Go Kart Go (1963) became The Go Karters, The Hoverbug (1969) became Tiger Takes Off, etc.

10. In 1974 Harry Booth directed the CFF film The Flying Sorcerers which starred Debbie Russ, and he also directed some episodes of the 1972-4 Robert Vaughan/Nyree Dawn Porter crime series The Protectors, which Debbie also guested in.

11. Director Harry Booth was also a part time composer and occasionally wrote with top TV/film theme writer Edwin Astley.

12. Several Double Deckers guest stars later found fame in sitcoms by Jimmy Perry and David Croft -- Clive Dunn (Dad's Army), Frank Thornton (Are You Being Served), Melvyn Hayes (It Ain't Half Hot Mum) and Jack Haig (ŒAllo ŒAllo).

13. All the young stars of the Double Deckers went on to appear in other projects with the exception of Douglas Simmonds who was more interested what went on behind the camera than in front of it. (Update: Actually Douglas made an appearance on another program on the BBC as well as appearing in a couple TV commercials)

14. In 1970 (just before the Double Deckers), Gillian Bailey appeared in an episode of an LWT series called The Mating Machine about a computer dating agency and David Lodge (the security guard from Star Struck) played her father.

15. After the Double Deckers Michael Audreson played British politician Winston Churchill as a boy in the 1972 movie Young Winston. (Update: Michael also appeared as an extra in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" - in the scene at the Baron's birthday - he hits one of the guards in the face with a pie. You can also spot Michael in "Goodbye Mr. Chips").

16. Tiger's toy Tiger was apparently lost after the series was completed, and so the one seen briefly in the movie Go For A Take was an imposter!

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