A DD Fan Remembers

A Poem by Tim Jarrett

Once upon a happy time
Now thirty years ago.
There came a stroke of genius
called the Double Deckers show.

Seven charming children 'round a double decker bus.
Would sing and dance and have adventures grand and glorious!

Scooper, Billie, Brains,and Spring
mostly led the way.
While Tiger, Sticks, and Doughnut
often saved the day.

So many memories flood my mind
about those kids back then.
Some fresh and some quite foggy
but I knew they were my friends.

Someday I'd love to meet them
and tell them honestly.
How much they meant and mean today
to many kids like me.

Now I'm graying and much older
and a little sadder too.
But I wear a smile and shed a tear
each time I think of you.

So " Get On Board " and let's be off
we have some work to do!
Let's do what we can so our kids can love
The Double Deckers too.

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