Where Are They Now?

  Douglas Simmonds, who played the lovable kid Doughnut, followed his lifelong ambition for science and made it his career. He was a researcher in medical computing at a major hospital in the UK. For six years prior to that position, Doug was a theoretical physicist and at one time was even a medical student. He held a very responsible position with the Department of Health in England. Douglas took early retirement and pursued other interests. Tragically in March 2011 Doug died of a massive heart attack. He will be missed.


  Peter Firth, who played Scooper, has made for himself an illustrious career in film and television. The following is taken from a biography of Peter Firth:
"Peter Firth is perhaps best-known for his film and stage portrayal of Alan Strang in Equus, a role which earned him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, an Academy Award nomination, a Tony Award nomination, the Theatre World Award and the Plays and Players Award for Best Young Actor.
Firth's other film credits include Franco Zeffirelli's Brother Sun Sister Moon, Aces High, Tony Richardson's Joseph Andrews, Robert Altman's When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder, Roman Polanski's Tess, Chris Bernard's Letter to Brezhnev, John McTiernan's The Hunt for Red October and Richard Attenborough's Shadowlands. Firth has appeared onstage in numerous productions including Bill Bryden's Romeo and Juliet and Spring Awakening, both at the National Theatre, and Peter Hall's Amadeus on Broadway."
See Peter Firth in the smash BBC series, Spooks (aka MI-5) as Harry Pearce. An extensive list of Peter Firth's credits may be found on the Internet Movie Database."Hello, Peter!"


  Brinsley Forde, who played Spring on the show, has made other television and movie appearances to his credit including, "Leo the Last"(1970), "Please Sir"(1971),"The Georgian House"(1976) and "Babylon"(1980). Brinsley is an accomplised musician in his own right. He is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the reggae group, "Aswad."    You can also hear the music of Brinsley Forde with Aswad perform with Sting in the movie, "The X-Files". He can be seen on VH-1 as the host of "Heart of Soul". I just found out from Producer Frank Wilson from 6 Music (BBC digital radio)  that Brinsley is presenter of the program "Lively Up Yourself". Tune in and show your support. "Hello, Brinsley!"


  Michael Audreson, who played scientific genius Brains, appeared in such hits as "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Good Bye Mr. Chips." in uncredited roles. In 1972 he was in the movie, "Young Winston" where he played Winston Churchill at age 13. Michael even had a part in the series, "The Tomorrow People" as Flyn in the episode "The Thargon Menace." From the 1995 interview on French TV Michael reported that he produced shows in England. More on Michael to come...Keep watching. "Hello, Michael!"


  Gillian Bailey, who played Billie, also played many roles on television in the years that followed the DD, such as Follyfoot and Poldark among several others. More recently she has been doing work as a script editor in England. She completed her university studies and received a degree in English Literature and has since received her MA degree in Theatre Research. She has also earned her doctorate in Theatre. Gillian wrote me and generously provided this and more information about her life and career, as well as some favorite moments on the DD. "Hello, Gilli"


  Debbie Russ, who played Tiger appeared in the 1973 movie, "Go For a Take" where she appeared as "Tiger" from the Double Deckers. Later on Debbie reportedly attended La Sainte Union where she earned a degree in English, then went into Marketing. She is doing well for herself in the UK where she now resides. She has been quite busy doing voice over work. I'd like to know what else she has been up to. "Hello, Debbie!" 

  Bruce Clark, who played Sticks, was a great addition to the gang. Bruce is alive and well and living in the United States. He is married and the proud father of a lovely little girl. More about Bruce to come. "Hello, Bruce!"


  Melvyn Hayes, who played Albert, the gang's street sweeper adult friend, has had and continues to have an amazing acting career in film and television. He even has an official website! You can check out his official site at www.melvynhayes.com. "Hello, Melvyn!"


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