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Brinsley Forde told me how good this was. I'm delighted both that people are still interested in the show and that we have such a good site. If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to try and answer them. It's easy to confuse DD's with 'The Magnificent Six and a Half,' a series of Childrens Film Foundation films made by the same company, producer and director. This had similar characters, with different names, and scripts.As well as Brinsley and me. the members were Len Jones, Ian Ellis, Suzanne Togni, Kimi Tallmadge and Lionel Hawkes. We made 6 films in 1967. In 1969 we made six more. Len was unavailable as he was starring as the voice of 'Joe 90' in Gerry Anderson's series so he was replaced by Robin Davies, who some will remember from 'Catweazle'. In 1970 Roy Simpson and Harry Booth took the concept of a gang of kids with a headquarters in a junk yard to British TV and were turned down! So they obtained finance from 20th Century Fox. They were told they should start afresh with new children but somehow Brinsley and I survived. After the first series, the head of the studio was replaced and many of his shows were not re-commissioned.

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