The Double Deckers

Hall of Honor

This is to recognize and thank those individuals who have made significant contributions to the Double Deckers website. We literally could not do it without you. Your efforts are much appreciated by DD fans around the world. In behalf of every Double Deckers fan, Thank You!
Roy Simpson
Producer of "Double Deckers" - Photos, London, England, UK

Douglas Simmonds
Actor, "Doughnut" - Photos, Interviews, London, England, UK

Gillian Bush-Bailey
Actress, "Billie" - Photos, Interviews, Cast Comments, England, UK

Bruce Clark
Actor, "Sticks" - Scripts, Interviews, Cast Comments, USA

Michael Audreson
Actor, "Brains" - Cast Comments, England, UK

Yves Deplasse
Photo Contribution, Brussels, Belgium

Rebecca Webb
Photo Contribution, Minnesota USA

Paul Hodgson
Photo Contribution, UK

Phil Hanvey
Article Contribution, Northumberland, UK

David Whittaker
Article Contribution

Ricky Douglas
Article Contribution, Belfast, Ireland

DD Comics ("The Gang"), Wagga Wagga, Australia

David Noades
Photo, Article Contribution and Technical Information, UK

Mark Delmonte
Video Contribution & Public Relations, London, England UK

Steven Kirby
Video/Interview Contribution, East Bergholt, England UK

Tim Jarrett
Video Contributions, Site Donations, Nicholson, Georgia, USA

Jim Fielding
Video Contributions, London, England UK

Howard Stratton
Site Donation

Mark Anthony Craig
Photo Contributions & New Home Page Design, Wirral,Merseyside, UK

Glenn Butler
Music and Video Contributions
United Kingdom

Greg Galstaun
Site Donation
Berowra New South Wales

To get your name on this list, send us a photo, news article of the show or other item of interest that we can add to the site for other Double Decker fans to enjoy. You can send the material by e-mail to

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