The DD Guest Star Bios

by Darren Senior

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Episode 4:


David Lodge

David Lodge (David William Frederick Lodge) b Stroud nr Rochester, Kent 19/8/1921  d  Northwood, Middlesex 18/10/2003 

David was the son of a well known Orator in the Royal Navy and his mother was a singer. As a child David attended St Nicholas School in Golden Square, London and he enjoyed singing comic songs in school concerts. Whilst at school he worked as a paperboy and butcher’s assistant. When he left school he joined the Post Office and delivered telegrams all over London. When war broke out David had grown to six feet with the physique to match and joined the RAF.

He was heard singing in the bath one evening by a pianist called Teddy Rubach who invited him to sing in his band, this was the start of a long career of over fifty years in the business. By the end of the war David was one of twelve members of Ralph Reader’s Gang Show, which also included Dick Emery and a young drummer called Peter Sellers, David was a life long close friend to Peter Sellers until his death in 1980, Sellers often assured David was in his films and in 1964 he was best man at Seller’s wedding to Britt Ekland.

On being demobbed David worked in rep, holidays camps and was even a clown and ringmaster, he even worked in Ireland as part of a double act. He came back to Britain and had a small part in the comedy Orders Are Orders (1954), it also gave two young rising comedy stars an early appearance, these being Tony Hancock and Peter Sellers, David was to go on and appear in well over a hundred films, though often he was only a minor support player and he was never cast in a lead role. David said of himself that he was unattractive and ineligible for romantic roles, insisting "this ugly mug of mine gets me the meaty parts".

His early years generally involved him being cast in war films. In 1955 he starred in The Cockleshell Heroes but by the end of the fifties he was starting to attract comedy roles. In 1958 he was in the comedy Girls At Sea  which starred Ronald Shiner and Michael Hordern. Later that year he starred in Ice Cold In Alex an adventure war film that starred John Mills, Sylvia Sims and Anthony Quayle. In 1959 he starred in I’m All Right Jack which starred his friend Peter Sellers, Ian Carmichael and Irene Handl.

He was paired up with Peter Sellers and Bernard Cribbins in Two Way Stretch in 1960, the following year he appeared in the first of five Carry On’s starting with Regardless, later in the year he played a cab driver in Raising The Wind. In 1962 he even appeared in a couple of episodes of Benny Hill’s television series. He was reunited with Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther film A Shot in The Dark in 1964. The following year he played a stage manager in The Intelligence Men. He had bit parts in The Wrong Box (1966), Casino Royale (1967) he also appeared in The Avengers(1967-69), The Champions (1969) and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (1970).

He played a Colonel in the horror, Incense for the Damned in 1970, the following year he was cast as PC Poppy in the comedy series Tottering Towers. He was excellent as Mr. Wickens in The Amazing Mr. Blunden, Diana Dors played his wife in the film, (which also starred a young Lynne Frederick who was to become Peter Sellers last wife). In 1975 he starred in a bit role in The Return of the Pink Panther and later that year appeared in seven episodes of Carry On Laughing. In 1976 he played Captain Bull in his last Carry On film in England.

Then in 1979 he played Hector Dent in the comedy series Lovely Couple and from 1975 to 1980 he was regular member of the cast in Q which was written by and starred former Goon, Spike Milligan.  As the eighties went on David was seen less and less on the screens he did however write his own autobiography in 1986 entitled ‘Up The Ladder To Obscurity’. His last screen appearance was in Lovejoy in 1993. 

For many years he lived as a bachelor with his parents and a budgerigar in Winchmore Hill, North London. However, in June 1963, while working in Yugoslavia on the Viking epic The Long Ships, alongside Richard Widmark and Oscar Homolka, he surprised everyone, after a whirlwind 24-hour courtship, he proposed to a French journalist and ex-model Lyn Guillermin, to whom he remained devoted to her until her death in 1996.

1996-1997 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (TV series)  
Deiter / Doctor / Lyle / …

Nuclear and Present Danger/Loch Ness Mess (1997) … Officer/Lyle/Doctor

Ickis and the Red Zimbo/Oblina and the Three Humans (1996) … Deiter (voice)  


1993 Lovejoy (TV series)  

A Going Concern (1993) … Crawley  


1992 Darkwing Duck (TV series)

A Duck by Any Other Name (1992) (voice)  


1989 Edge of Sanity  


1988 Hot Metal (TV series)  
Sgt. Major Lutterworth

Religion of the People (1988) … Sgt. Major Lutterworth  


1987 Crossroads (TV series)  
The Walrus  


1984 Bloodbath at the House of Death  
Inspector Goule  


1984 Minder (TV series)  
Soldier Atkins

Rocky Eight and a Half (1984) … Soldier Atkins  


1983 Sahara  


1983 Nanny (TV series)  
Mr. Hood

Into the Blitz (1983) … Mr. Hood  


1982 There's a Lot of It About (TV series)  
Various Characters

Episode #1.5 (1982) … Various Characters

Episode #1.1 (1982) … Various Characters  


1980 Worzel Gummidge (TV series)  
The Strong Man

Dolly Clothes-Peg (1980) … The Strong Man  


1975-1980 Q9 (TV series)  
Various Characters

Episode #5.6 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #5.4 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #5.2 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #5.1 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #4.6 (1979) … Various Characters

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1979 Murder at the Wedding (TV mini-series)  

Episode #1.4 (1979) … Bigwood  


1979 Lovely Couple (TV series)  
Hector Dent

Wedding Bells (1979) … Hector Dent

Just the Job (1979) … Hector Dent

Jealousy (1979) … Hector Dent

Australia Calling (1979) … Hector Dent

Hospital Corners (1979) … Hector Dent

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1978 Target (TV series)  

The Run (1978) … Escott  


1978 Happy Ever After (TV series)  

Business and Pleasure (1978) … Eddie  


1978 You're Only Young Twice (TV series)  
Rex King

The Deputy (1978) … Rex King  


1978 Robin's Nest (TV series)  
Mr. Tripp

Love & Marriage (1978) … Mr. Tripp  


1974-1977 Crown Court (TV series)  
Det. Insp. Morris / Joseph Bell

Safe as Houses: Part 1 (1977) … Joseph Bell

Nuts: Part 1 (1974) … Det. Insp. Morris  


1977 Odd Man Out (TV series)  
Mr. Willis

Sink or Swim (1977) … Mr. Willis  


1977 Midnight Is a Place (TV series)  
Sam Meeklethwaite

Episode #1.4 (1977) … Sam Meeklethwaite  


1976 Carry on England  
Captain Bull  


1976 Potter's Picture Palace (TV series)  
Reggie Turpin

King Kong Phooey (1976) … Reggie Turpin

Gums (1976) … Reggie Turpin

The Mouse That Snored (1976) … Reggie Turpin

The Night of the Triffids (1976) … Reggie Turpin

The Little Dictator (1976) … Reggie Turpin

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1976 Couples (TV series)  
Mr. Jenner

Episode #1.78 (1976) … Mr. Jenner

Episode #1.77 (1976) … Mr. Jenner

Episode #1.76 (1976) … Mr. Jenner  


1976 Bless This House (TV series)  
Slasher McGurk

A Matter of Principle (1976) … Slasher McGurk  


1966-1976 Dixon of Dock Green (TV series)  
Bill Glover / Det. Chief Supt. Davidson / Stephen Gilles

The Job (1976) … Stephen Gilles

Nightmare Hours (1971) … Det. Chief Supt. Davidson

Grenade (1966) … Bill Glover  


1976 It Ain't Half Hot Mum (TV series)  
Company Sergeant-Major Sharp

The Grand Illusion (1976) … Company Sergeant-Major Sharp  


1975-1977 Larry Grayson (TV series)  
Various Roles  


1975 Carry on Behind  


1975 Carry on Laughing! (TV series)  
Inspector Bungler / Colonel / Duke Boris / …

The Case of the Coughing Parrot (1975) … Inspector Bungler

The Case of the Screaming Winkles (1975) … Inspector Bungler

The Nine Old Cobblers (1975) … Inspector Bungler

One in the Eye for Harold (1975) … William the Conqueror

The Sobbing Cavalier (1975) … Colonel

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1975 The Sweeney (TV series)  
Pop Garret

Chalk and Cheese (1975) … Pop Garret  


1975 The Return of the Pink Panther  


1975 Barlow (TV series)  
Insp. Claremont

Rat Run (1975) … Insp. Claremont  


1975 Thriller (TV series)  

A Killer with Two Faces (1975) … Bradley  


1974 The Wide World of Mystery (TV series)  

A Killer with Two Faces (1974) … Bradley  


1974 Father Brown (TV series)  
Mr. Banks

The Man with Two Beards (1974) … Mr. Banks  


1974 Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt (TV series)  
Morris Froggitt

Pilot: Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt (1974) … Morris Froggitt  


1974 Carry on Dick  


1974 My Name Is Harry Worth (TV series)  
Inspector Brown

Don't Bank on It (1974) … Inspector Brown  


1974 QB VII (TV mini-series)  
Sgt. Flory

Part Three (1974) … Sgt. Flory  


1973 Carry on Girls  
Police Inspector  


1973 Charley-One-Eye  
Colonel (uncredited)  


1973 The Upper Crusts (TV series)  
Gas inspector

Putting on the Ritz (1973) … Gas inspector  


1973 The Fenn Street Gang (TV series)  
Mr. Manston

Business Deficiency (1973) … Mr. Manston  


1973 Ghost in the Noonday Sun  


1972 Go for a Take  


1972 The Amazing Mr. Blunden  
Mr. Wickens  


1972 The Reg Varney Revue (TV series)

The Christmas Revue (1972)

Episode #1.5 (1972)

Episode #1.4 (1972)

Episode #1.3 (1972)

Episode #1.2 (1972)  


1972 The Pathfinders (TV series)  
Warrant Officer Barker

Our Daffodils Are Better Than Your Daffodils (1972) … Warrant Officer Barker

Sitting Ducks (1972) … Warrant Officer Barker  


1972 Hide and Seek  


1972 Raising the Roof  


1972 Father Dear Father (TV series)  

Feud Glorious Feud (1972) … Policeman  


1972 Mutiny on the Buses  
Safari Guard  


1972 Nobody Ordered Love  


1972 The Fiend  
C.I.D. Inspector  


1972 Love Thy Neighbour (TV series)  
Mr. Baxter

Episode #1.3 (1972) … Mr. Baxter  


1972 Alexander the Greatest (TV series)  

Renata's Secret Affair (1972) … Sam

Sam Leaves Home (1972) … Sam

The 21 Year Itch (1972) … Sam

Kicking the Filthy Habit (1972) … Sam

Israel Needs You (1972) … Sam

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1971-1972 Tottering Towers (TV series)  
PC Poppy

Episode #1.13 (1972) … PC Poppy

Episode #1.12 (1972) … PC Poppy

Episode #1.11 (1971) … PC Poppy

Episode #1.10 (1971) … PC Poppy

Episode #1.9 (1971) … PC Poppy

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1972 Some Kind of Hero  
Jeremy Conway  


1971 The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins  
Guest Appearance (segment "Sloth")  


1971 The Persuaders! (TV series)  

The Time and the Place (1971) … Thompson (uncredited)  


1971 Mr. Horatio Knibbles  


1971 Bachelor of Arts (short)  
Customs Officer  


1971 On the Buses  


1971 Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (TV series)  
Dr. Wilson

A Question of Policy (1971) … Dr. Wilson  


1970 Scramble (uncredited)  


1970 The Railway Children  


1969-1970 The Main Chance (TV series)  
Det. Chief Insp. Guthrie / Det. Chief Supt. Guthrie / Det. Supt. Guthrie

Private Armies (1970) … Det. Supt. Guthrie

A Time to Love, a Time to Die (1970) … Det. Chief Insp. Guthrie

With All My Worldly Goods (1969) … Det. Chief Insp. Guthrie

What About Justice? (1969) … Det. Chief Supt. Guthrie  


1970 Queenie's Castle (TV series)  
Cpl. Williams / L

They Also Served (1970) … L/Cpl. Williams  


1970 The Mating Machine (TV series)  
Edgar Prosser

All About Little Eve (1970) … Edgar Prosser  


1970 Here Come the Double Deckers! (TV series)  
1st Security Man

Starstruck (1970) … 1st Security Man  


1970 Toomorrow  
1st Policeman (uncredited)  


1970 Z Cars (TV series)  
George Cartwright

Give and Take: Part 2 (1970) … George Cartwright

Give and Take: Part 1 (1970) … George Cartwright  


1970 Hoffman  


1970 Eyewitness  
Local Policeman  


1970 Incense for the Damned  


1970 Scream and Scream Again  
Detective Inspector Phil Strickland (credit only)  


1969 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (TV series)  

Who Killed Cock Robin? (1969) … Beeches  


1969 The Magic Christian  
Ship's Guide  


1969 Parkin's Patch (TV series)  
Sgt. Eldridge

The Deserter (1969) … Sgt. Eldridge  


1969 The Smashing Bird I Used to Know  
Richard Johnson  


1969 The Champions (TV series)  
Filmer / Porth

The Gun-Runners (1969) … Filmer

The Night People (1969) … Porth  


1969 Crooks and Coronets  


1969 What's Good for the Goose  


1969 Oh! What a Lovely War  
Recruiting Sergeant  


1967-1969 The Avengers (TV series)  
Maskell / Policeman

Fog (1969) … Maskell (scenes deleted)

Epic (1967) … Policeman  


1968 The Fixer  


1968 Headline Hunters  


1968 Corruption  


1968 Only When I Larf  


1968 7 volte 7  


1967 The Sky Bike  


1967 Smashing Time  
The Caretaker  


1966 Press for Time  
Mr. Ross (editor, 'Tinmouth Times')  


1966 After the Fox  
Police Officer (uncredited)  


1966 The Sandwich Man  


1966 The Wrong Box  
Corpse Remover (uncredited)  


1965 The Early Bird  
Angry Husband (uncredited)  


1965-1966 United! (TV series)  
Gerry Barford

The Kingpin (1965) … Gerry Barford  


1965 The Alphabet Murders  


1965 San Ferry Ann  


1965 Cup Fever  
Mr. Bates  


1965 Catch Us If You Can  


1965 The Intelligence Men  
Stage Manager  


1965 The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders  
Ship's captain  


1965 No Hiding Place (TV series)  
William Jarvis

A Menace to the Public (1965) … William Jarvis  


1965 ITV Play of the Week (TV series)  

Giants on Saturday (1965) … Alexander  


1964 The Saint (TV series)  
Harry Duggan

The Man Who Liked Toys (1964) … Harry Duggan  


1964 Gideon's Way (TV series)  

State Visit (1964) … Morris  


1964 The Hidden Truth (TV series)  
Henry Barker

The Final Analysis (1964) … Henry Barker  


1964 Guns at Batasi  
Sgt. 'Muscles' Dunn  


1964 Cluff (TV series)  
Frank Foley

The Screeching Cat (1964) … Frank Foley  


1964 A Shot in the Dark  


1964 Our Man at St. Mark's (TV series)  
Sid Morrison

No Bank for Sid (1964) … Sid Morrison  


1964 Saturday Night Out  


1964 The Long Ships  


1962-1963 Benny Hill (TV series)  
Electrician / Electrician's Mate

The Trouble Maker (1963) … Electrician's Mate

A Pair of Socks (1962) … Electrician  


1963 Ghost Squad (TV series)  
Max Leach

The Golden Silence (1963) … Max Leach  


1963 Two Left Feet  


1962 On the Beat  
Insp. Hobson  


1962 The Sword in the Web (TV series)  

The Double Agent (1962) … Lasalle  


1962 Kill or Cure  
Richards, Male Nurse  


1962 The Boys  
Mr. Herne  


1962 The Dock Brief  
Frank Bateson the Lodger  


1962 The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre (TV series)  
Jumbo Johnson

Time to Remember (1962) … Jumbo Johnson  


1962 Captain Clegg  
Navy bos'un  


1962 The Pirates of Blood River  


1962 Mrs. Gibbons' Boys  
Frank Gibbons  


1962 Go to Blazes  


1962 Time to Remember  
Jumbo Johnson  


1961 Raising the Wind  
Taxi Driver  


1961 No My Darling Daughter  


1961 Watch Your Stern  
Security sergeant  


1961 They Met in a City (TV series)  
Mr. Price

A Bride in the Morning (1961) … Mr. Price  


1961 Carry on Regardless  


1961 The Hellfire Club  


1960 The Bulldog Breed  
CPO Knowles  


1960 Never Let Go  


1960 The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film (short)  


1960 The League of Gentlemen  


1960 Jazz Boat  
Holy Mike  


1960 Two Way Stretch  
Jelly Knight  


1960 Probation Officer (TV series)

Episode #1.19 (1960)  


1959 The Verdict Is Yours (TV series)

The Case of the Murdered Pawnbroker: Part 2 (1959)

The Case of the Murdered Pawnbroker: Part 1 (1959)  


1959 Nick of the River (TV series)  

Episode #1.9 (1959) … Clarke  


1959 I'm All Right Jack  
Card Player  


1959 The Ugly Duckling  


1959 Bobbikins  
Hargreave, Investigator from Scotland Yard  


1959 Yesterday's Enemy  


1959 Life in Emergency Ward 10  
Mr. Phillips  


1959 Idol on Parade  


1958 I Only Arsked!  
Sergeant Potty Chambers  


1958 After Hours (TV series)  

Episode #1.5 (1958) … Various

Episode #1.3 (1958) … Various

Episode #1.2 (1958) … Various  


1958 Girls at Sea  
Cpl. Duckett  


1958 Further Up the Creek  


1958 I Was Monty's Double  
Sergeant R.A.P.C.  


1958 The Crossroad Gallows (short)  
Inspector Travers  


1958 Ice Cold in Alex  
C.M.P. Captain - Tank Trap  


1958 Up the Creek  


1958 No Time to Die  
Maj. Fred Patterson, Australian POW  


1958 The April 8th Show (Seven Days Early) (TV movie)  
Various Characters  


1958 The Safecracker  
Parachute Instructor  


1958 The Silent Enemy  


1957 The Naked Truth  
Constable Johnson  


1957 Strangers' Meeting  


1957 These Dangerous Years  
Sgt. Lockwood  


1957 The Counterfeit Plan  
Sam Watson  


1956 The Long Arm  
Detective Car Lot. (uncredited)  


1956 The Intimate Stranger  
Police Sgt. Brown  


1956 Blonde Bait  
Patrick (uncredited)  


1956 Women Without Men  


1956 Tales from Soho (TV series)  
Kiko Watts

Set a Thief (1956) … Kiko Watts  


1956 Private's Progress  
Lance Corporal Parsons (uncredited)  


1955 The Cockleshell Heroes  
Marine Ruddock  


1954 Orders Are Orders  
Bit Role (uncredited)  




Liz Fraser


Liz Fraser   (Elizabeth Joan Winch) b London 14/8/1930

Blonde, busty Liz has had a colourful career as an actress, London born, she attended a girls grammar school and later studied acting at The London School of Dramatic Art, leaving she started her professional career in  repertory theatre in Accrington. Liz made her screen debut in an uncredited role in Touch And Go in 1955 a comedy film which starred Jack Hawkins. It is mainly comedy that has sustained Liz throughout her career. Her first big screen role came in 1959 when she played Cynthia Kite in I’m All Right Jack with Peter Sellers, Terry Thomas and Ian Carmichael.

She followed this role the following year by appearing with Peter Sellers again in Two Way Stretch. Liz also appeared in a number of the comedy series Hancock’s Half Hour from 1956 until 1960, a series which also starred Sid James whom she would be paired up with in a number of comedies. In 1960 she appeared as Leonorora in Doctor In Love and shared many scenes with Joan Sims. Later that year she appeared in another British comedy film classic The Bulldog Breed with Norman Wisdom, and she was also paired up that year playing Sid James girlfriend in the comedy series Citizen James. Liz completed a busy 1960 by appearing in The Pure Hell of St Trinian’s.

The following year she appeared in the Tony Hancock film, The Rebel and she also made the first of her four Carry On appearances starting with Regardless, later that year again played Sid James’s girlfriend in the comedy film Double Bunk as Sandra. This film also starred Ian Carmichael and Thora Hird’s daughter Janette Scott in the lead roles. The film title also became a record hit for Sid James with Liz adding some vocals. In 1962 she played Glad Trimble in Carry on Cruising which I think was her best contribution to the series, later that year she appeared in another successful British comedy film The Amorous Prawn again starring with Ian Carmichael, and also Joan Greenwood and veteran actor Dennis Price.

In 1963 Liz appeared in Carry On Cabby and this would be her last until one final appearance in Behind in 1975. In 1969 she appeared in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), in 1970 she appeared in a number of The Benny Hill Show episodes in various roles, Liz also added an appearance in The Goodies. Liz played Mrs. Pike in the film version of Dads Army in 1971, and starred in an episode of Jason King with Patrick Wyngarde. By the mid seventies Liz appeared in many of the low budget sex comedies which included Confessions Of A Driving Instructor (1976), Adventures Of A Taxi Driver (1976), Under The Doctor (1976),  Confessions From A Holiday Camp (1977) and Adventures Of A Private Eye (1977).

Happily as the seventies ended Liz stared to appear in some non comedy roles such as The Professionals (1979), Miss Marple (1987), The Bill (1994) and her last screen appearance was in Holby City in 2007. She has been dogged by ill health in recent years. In her private life has been married twice her second husband Michael Hitchcock died suddenly in 1974 and Liz has been a widower since. In 2012 Liz published her own autobiography entitled Liz Fraser ….and other characters. In the book she openly admits to have a good retirement due to her dealings on the stock market, which over the years has made her a fairly wealthy lady.


2007 Holby City (TV series)  
Tabitha Blackstock

The Human Jungle (2007) … Tabitha Blackstock  


2007 Foyle's War (TV series)  
Mollie Summersgill

Bleak Midwinter (2007) … Mollie Summersgill  


2006 Doctors (TV series)  
Beryl Gifford

The Comedians (2006) … Beryl Gifford  


2006 Pickles: The Dog Who Won the World Cup (TV movie)  


2000 Last of the Summer Wine (TV series)  
Reggie / Reggie Unsworth

Just a Small Funeral (2000) … Reggie

Surprise at Throstlenest (2000) … Reggie Unsworth  


1996 Wales Playhouse (TV series)  

Every Cloud (1996) … Nel  


1989-1994 The Bill (TV series)  
Grace Walsh / Mrs. Lister

Good Days (1994) … Grace Walsh

Suffocation Job (1989) … Mrs. Lister  


1993 Demob (TV series)  


1993 Minder (TV series)  

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Retiring (1993) … Delilah  


1991 Birds of a Feather (TV series)  
Olive Stubbs

Just Family (1991) … Olive Stubbs  


1990 Chicago Joe and the Showgirl  
Mrs. Evans  


1989 Capstick's Law (TV series)  
Florence Smith

Episode #1.3 (1989) … Florence Smith  


1989 The Lady and the Highwayman (TV movie)  


1988 Rude Health (TV series)  
Mrs. Joy  


1988 Eskimos Do It (TV series)  


1987 Hardwicke House (TV series)  

The First Day of Term (1987) … Agnes

The Visit (1987) … Agnes  


1987 Miss Marple: Nemesis (TV movie)  
Mrs. Brent  


1984-1986 Fairly Secret Army (TV series)  
Doris Entwhistle

Treacherous Chaps, Causes (1986) … Doris Entwhistle

You're Going to Be a Hero, Harry (1986) … Doris Entwhistle

Ever Tried Making Love to a Marxist? (1986) … Doris Entwhistle

One Mistake, Whole Caboosh Plughole (1986) … Doris Entwhistle

This Could Be Extremely Dangerous, Sir (1986) … Doris Entwhistle

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1984 Shroud for a Nightingale (TV mini-series)  
Sister Mavis Gearing

Episode #1.5 (1984) … Sister Mavis Gearing

Episode #1.4 (1984) … Sister Mavis Gearing

Episode #1.3 (1984) … Sister Mavis Gearing

Episode #1.2 (1984) … Sister Mavis Gearing

Episode #1.1 (1984) … Sister Mavis Gearing  


1980 The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle  
Woman in Cinema  


1979 The Professionals (TV series)  
Margery Harper

Backtrack (1979) … Margery Harper  


1978 Robin's Nest (TV series)  

The Happy Hen (1978) … Vera  


1978 Rumpole of the Bailey (TV series)  
Bobby Dogherty

Rumpole and the Alternative Society (1978) … Bobby Dogherty (as Liz Frazer)  


1978 Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse  
Mrs. Dixon  


1977 Seven Faces of Woman (TV series)  
Delilah Brown

She: Sight Unseen (1977) … Delilah Brown  


1977 Adventures of a Private Eye  


1977 Confessions from a Holiday Camp  
Mrs. Whitemonk  


1976 Under the Doctor  


1976 Confessions of a Driving Instructor  
Mrs. Chalmers  


1976 Adventures of a Taxi Driver  


1975 Carry on Behind  
Sylvia Ramsden  


1975 Three for All  
Airport Passenger  


1973 Crown Court (TV series)  
Lady Esham

Murder Most Foul (1973) … Lady Esham  


1972 Turnbull's Finest Half-Hour (TV series)  
Faye Bush

Episode #1.5 (1972) … Faye Bush

Episode #1.4 (1972) … Faye Bush

Episode #1.3 (1972) … Faye Bush

Blue Movies (1972) … Faye Bush

Episode #1.1 (1972) … Faye Bush  


1972 Hide and Seek  
Audrey Lawson  


1972 Albert! (TV series)  

If He'd Meant Us to Fly (1972) … Ann  


1972 Jason King (TV series)  

An Author in Search of Two Characters (1972) … Claire  


1971 ITV Sunday Night Theatre (TV series)  
Countess Antonescu

Man and Boy (1971) … Countess Antonescu  


1971 Dad's Army  
Mrs. Pike  


1970 The Benny Hill Show (TV series)  
Various Roles

Opportunity's Knocking (1970) … Various Roles  


1970 The Goodies (TV series)

Caught in the Act (1970)  


1970 Here Come the Double Deckers! (TV series)  
Zizi Bagor

Starstruck (1970) … Zizi Bagor  


1970 Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (TV series)  
Fay Crackan

It's Supposed to Be Thicker Than Water (1970) … Fay Crackan  


1968 Up the Junction  
Mrs. McCarthy  


1967 Seven Deadly Sins (TV series)

A Pain in the Neck (1967)  


1966 The Family Way  
Molly Thompson  


1966 The Avengers (TV series)  
Georgie Price-Jones

The Girl from Auntie (1966) … Georgie Price-Jones  


1959-1965 No Hiding Place (TV series)  
Phyllis Nolan / Rose Glorie / Sheba

The Grass (1965) … Phyllis Nolan

Solomon Dancey's Luck (1963) … Sheba

Murder with Witnesses (1959) … Rose Glorie  


1965 Every Day's a Holiday  
Miss Slightly  


1964 The Americanization of Emily  


1964 Fire Crackers (TV series)  
Mary Medway

Fire Belle for Five (1964) … Mary Medway  


1964 Alive and Kicking (as Elizabeth Winch)  


1963 Harry's Girls (TV series)  
Sally Witherspoon

Made in Heaven (1963) … Sally Witherspoon  


1963 Carry on Cabby  


1962 The Amorous Prawn  
Pvt. Suzie Tidmarsh  


1962 Live Now - Pay Later  
Joyce Corby  


1962 The Painted Smile  
Jo Lake  


1962 Carry on Cruising  
Glad Trimble  


1962 A Pair of Briefs  
Gloria Hoskins  


1961 On the Fiddle  
Girl with Daisies (uncredited)  


1961 Raising the Wind  
Miranda Kennaway  


1961 Watch it, Sailor!  
Daphne Pink  


1961 The Night We Dropped a Clanger  


1961 Double Bunk  


1961 Carry on Regardless  
Delia King  


1961 Fury at Smugglers' Bay  


1961 The Rebel  


1961 The Night We Got the Bird  


1960 The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's  
Constable Susan Partridge  


1960-1961 Citizen James (TV series)  

The Brand Image (1960) … Liz

The Rivals (1960) … Liz

The Money (1960) … Liz

The Race (1960) … Liz  


1960 The Bulldog Breed  
NAAFI girl  


1960 Doctor in Love  


1956-1960 Hancock's Half Hour (TV series)  
Autograph Hunter / Girl in cafe / Linda / …

The Ladies' Man (1960) … Muriel (as Elizabeth Fraser)

The Economy Drive (1959) … Woman on restaurant counter (as Elizabeth Fraser)

Matrimony - Almost (1959)

The New Nose (1959) … Girl in cafe

The Alpine Holiday (1957) … Autograph Hunter (as Elizabeth Fraser)

See all 7 episodes »  


1960 Two Way Stretch  


1960 ITV Television Playhouse (TV series)  

Incident (1960) … Mavis  


1959 Desert Mice  


1959 ITV Play of the Week (TV series)

Deep and Crisp and Even (1959)  


1959 I'm All Right Jack  
Cynthia Kite  


1959 Top Floor Girl  


1957-1958 Dixon of Dock Green (TV series)  
Jeannie Richards / Lena / Maisie Perkins

Strangers at the Same Table (1958) … Lena (as Elizabeth Fraser)

They Don't Like Policemen (1958) … Maisie Perkins (as Elizabeth Fraser)

False Alarm (1957) … Jeannie Richards (as Elizabeth Fraser)  


1958 Wonderful Things! (uncredited)  


1958 Dunkirk  
Worker in Holden's Factory (uncredited)  


1958 Davy  
Tea Lady (as Elizabeth Fraser)  


1957 Whack-O! (TV series)  

Episode #2.10 (1957) … Matron  


1957 Shadow Squad (TV series)  

First Blood: Part 2 (1957) … Gilda (as Elizabeth Fraser)

First Blood: Part 1 (1957) … Gilda (as Elizabeth Fraser)  


1957 The Smallest Show on Earth  
Girl in Cinema (uncredited)  


1955 Sixpenny Corner (TV series)  
Julie Perkins

Episode #1.67 (1955) … Julie Perkins (as Elizabeth Fraser)  


1955 Touch and Go  
Girl On Bridge (as Elizabeth Winch)   



Hugh Walters

Hugh Walters (b Mexborough, Yorkshire 2/3/1939)

Hugh was educated at Worksop College in Nottinghamshire. Since making his screen debut in the television series The Larkins in 1963, Hugh has been steadily seen mainly on the television screen screen for almost fifty years. His most notable contributions being playing Smike in such television series as Nicholas Nickleby (1968), Never Say Die (1970), The Fenn Street Gang (1971-72), Clayhanger (1976) and he occasionally appeared in Doctor Who over a twenty year period form 1965.

 More recently in 2000 he played a very unconvincing Charles Hawtrey in the television movie version of Cor Blimey!. Hugh’s last appearance on television was as recent as 2011 appearing in M.I.High.

2011 M.I.High (TV series)  
Old Man

Vote Skul (2011) … Old Man  


2007 Sold (TV series)  
Jack Higgins

Episode #1.4 (2007) … Jack Higgins  


2006 Doctors (TV series)  
Timothy Jayne

System Check (2006) … Timothy Jayne  


1999-2004 Heartbeat (TV series)  
Arthur Sykes / Mr. Jones

Mountains and Molehills (2004) … Mr. Jones

State of Mind (2003) … Mr. Jones

The Seven Year Itch (2000) … Arthur Sykes

Puppet on a String (1999) … Arthur Sykes  


2003 Hear the Silence (TV movie)  
Dean Dr. Richard Stein  


2002 Pas de Trois (short)  


2000 Cor, Blimey! (TV movie)  
Charles Hawtrey  


1999 Bernard's Watch (TV series)  
Mr. Axtead

Time of Day (1999) … Mr. Axtead  


1998 Out of Sight (TV series)  
Mr. Hay

A Gottle of Geer (1998) … Mr. Hay  


1997 Firelight  
Dr. Geddes  


1996 The Brittas Empire (TV series)  

Snap Happy (1996) … Photographer  


1996 The Innocent Sleep  


1994 Frank Stubbs (TV series)  

Faith (1994) … Nicely  


1994 The House of Eliott (TV series)  
George Holt

Episode #3.2 (1994) … George Holt  


1992 Framed (TV series)  
Jeffrey Archer

Episode #1.4 (1992) … Jeffrey Archer  


1992 Boon (TV series)  

Queen's Gambit (1992) … Mervyn  


1992 Lovejoy (TV series)  
Mr Dean

Members Only (1992) … Mr Dean  


1991 The Russ Abbot Show (TV series)  
Various Characters

Episode #6.12 (1991) … Various Characters

Episode #6.11 (1991) … Various Characters

Episode #6.10 (1991) … Various Characters

Episode #6.8 (1991) … Various Characters

Episode #6.7 (1991) … Various Characters

See all 6 episodes »  


1991 She-Wolf of London (TV series)  

Beyond the Beyond (1991) … Snork  


1990 All Creatures Great and Small (TV series)  
Leslie Pendlebury

Brotherly Love (1990) … Leslie Pendlebury  


1990 Casualty (TV series)  
Man at Allotment

Remembrance (1990) … Man at Allotment  


1987 First Sight (TV series)  

Some Day Man (1987) … Figgis  


1987 Rumpole of the Bailey (TV series)  

Rumpole and the Judge's Elbow (1987) … Harold  


1987 Comeback (TV movie)  
First Official  


1986 Chance in a Million (TV series)  
Mr. Little

The Wedding (1986) … Mr. Little

Pre-Matrimonial Tension (1986) … Mr. Little

The Blessing (1986) … Mr. Little

And What Shall We Do for a Ring? (1986) … Mr. Little

The Lost Weekend (1986) … Mr. Little  


1986 Home to Roost (TV series)  

Any Questions? (1986) … Clerk  


1986 Paradise Postponed (TV mini-series)  

Living in the Past (1986) … Mayor  


1986 Prospects (TV series)  
Mr. Crabtree

The P to S Day (1986) … Mr. Crabtree  


1965-1985 Doctor Who (TV series)  
Commentator Runcible / Vogel / William Shakespeare

Revelation of the Daleks: Part 2 (1985) … Vogel

Revelation of the Daleks: Part 1 (1985) … Vogel

The Deadly Assassin: Part Two (1976) … Commentator Runcible

The Deadly Assassin: Part One (1976) … Commentator Runcible

The Executioners (1965) … William Shakespeare  


1984 The Body in the Library (TV movie)  
Mr Prescott  


1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four  
Artsem Lecturer  


1984 Shine on Harvey Moon (TV series)  
Fascist Speaker

Fools Rush In (1984) … Fascist Speaker  


1984 Lady Is a Tramp (TV series)  
Man at Town Hall

Episode #2.3 (1984) … Man at Town Hall  


1982 The Missionary  
Fermleigh's Doctor  


1982 Brimstone & Treacle  


1982 The Agatha Christie Hour (TV series)  
Mr. Dodds

The Mystery of the Blue Jar (1982) … Mr. Dodds  


1982 Holding the Fort (TV series)  
Mr. Clamp

Feeling the Pinch (1982) … Mr. Clamp  


1982 The World Cup: A Captain's Tale (TV movie)  


1982 Baal (TV movie)  


1982 A Fine Romance (TV series)  
Mr. Bell

Was That a Proposal? (1982) … Mr. Bell  


1981 Wet Job (TV movie)  


1981 Private Schulz (TV series)  
Bus Conductor

Episode #1.6 (1981) … Bus Conductor

Episode #1.3 (1981) … Bus Conductor  


1980 Flickers (TV mini-series)  
Captain Sandbeck

Episode #1.4 (1980) … Captain Sandbeck  


1980 Time of My Life (TV series)  
Senior male nurse

Episode #1.2 (1980) … Senior male nurse  


1980 George and Mildred  


1979 Thomas and Sarah (TV series)  
Harold Entwistle

Made in Heaven (1979) … Harold Entwistle  


1979 Jackanory Playhouse (TV series)  

The Christmas Cuckoo (1979) … Tinseltoes  


1968-1978 BBC Play of the Month (TV series)  
Darius / Steward

Kean (1978) … Darius

St. Joan (1968) … Steward  


1978 Play for Today (TV series)  

A Touch of the Tiny Hacketts (1978) … Policeman  


1978 The Wilde Alliance (TV series)  
Police sergeant

Time and Again (1978) … Police sergeant  


1977 Just William (TV series)  
Col. Higgs

William the Philanthropist (1977) … Col. Higgs  


1977 Z Cars (TV series)  
Casualty Doctor

Attack (1977) … Casualty Doctor  


1976 The New Avengers (TV series)  

Cat Amongst the Pigeons (1976) … Lewington  


1976 Well Anyway (TV series)  

On the Other Hand (1976) … Julian

Still (1976) … Julian  


1976 The Ghosts of Motley Hall (TV series)  

Box of Tricks (1976) … Geoffrey  


1976 Clayhanger (TV series)  

The Adventure (1976) … Stifford

The Chain Is Broken (1976) … Stifford

Laid Aside (1976) … Stifford

Punishment (1976) … Stifford

Love (1976) … Stifford

See all 9 episodes »  


1976 Alfie Darling  
Hugh, Advertising Man  


1975 Survivors (TV series)  
Vic Thatcher

A Beginning (1975) … Vic Thatcher

Revenge (1975) … Vic Thatcher  


1975 Crown Court (TV series)  
Lancelot Makepeace

Ring in the New Year: Part 2 (1975) … Lancelot Makepeace

Ring in the New Year: Part 1 (1975) … Lancelot Makepeace  


1973 Omnibus (TV series documentary)  
Best Friend

The British Hero (1973) … Best Friend  


1973 Black and Blue (TV series)  

Secrets (1973) … Jackson  


1973 Secrets (TV movie)  


1972-1973 The Train Now Standing (TV series)  
Peter Pringle

The Long Goodbye (1973) … Peter Pringle

Old Glory (1973) … Peter Pringle

A Night to Remember (1973) … Peter Pringle

Brief Encounter (1973) … Peter Pringle

It Never Rains (1972) … Peter Pringle

See all 10 episodes »  


1973 Total Eclipse (TV movie)  
Etienne Carjat  


1972 Jason King (TV series)  

An Author in Search of Two Characters (1972) … Bernard  


1972 His and Hers (TV series)  

Gourmet (1972) … Waiter  


1971-1972 The Fenn Street Gang (TV series)  
Mr. Winters

The Great Frock Robbers (1972) … Mr. Winters

Who Was That Lady? (1971) … Mr. Winters

Distant Horizons (1971) … Mr. Winters

The Start of Something Big (1971) … Mr. Winters  


1972 Sez Les (TV series)

Episode #4.3 (1972)  


1971-1972 The Dick Emery Show (TV series)

Episode #10.3 (1972)

Episode #9.10 (1971)  


1972 The Adventurer (TV series)  

Action! (1972) … Pestrade  


1971 On the Buses (TV series)  

The Best Man (1971) … Bill  


1971 Doctor at Large (TV series)  
Mr. Manderson

Mother and Father Doing Well (1971) … Mr. Manderson  


1971 Seasons of the Year (TV series)  
Mr. Cleve

The Three Graces (1971) … Mr. Cleve  


1971 Six Dates with Barker (TV series)  

1915: Lola (1971) … Corporal  


1970 Here Come the Double Deckers! (TV series)  
2nd Security Man

Starstruck (1970) … 2nd Security Man  


1970 Never Say Die (TV series)  

The Gamblers (1970) … Poniatowski

The New Sister (1970) … Poniatowski

The Party (1970) … Poniatowski

Goodbye Mr. Bridge (1970) … Poniatowski

Please, Please, Don't Eat the Patient (1970) … Poniatowski  


1970 Sentimental Education (TV mini-series)  
De Cisy

The Philanderer (1970) … De Cisy

The Red Rose and the White (1970) … De Cisy

A Start to Loving (1970) … De Cisy  


1970 Inside George Webley (TV series)  
Mr. Wilkins

The Light Is Dark Enough (1970) … Mr. Wilkins  


1970 Ivanhoe (TV mini-series)  

The Black Knight (1970) … Wamba

Condemned (1970) … Wamba

Hunted (1970) … Wamba

Clash of Arms (1970) … Wamba  


1969 Detective (TV series)  

The Tea-Leaf (1969) … Jarvis  


1968 Nicholas Nickleby (TV mini-series)  
Smike / Smike's voice

Smike's Father (1968) … Smike's voice (voice)

A Journey for Smike (1968) … Smike

The Duel (1968) … Smike

Madeline Bray (1968) … Smike

Escape (1968) … Smike

See all 12 episodes »  


1967 Rocket to the Moon  
Carruthers - Soldier  


1967 Theatre 625 (TV series)  

Sword of Honour #3: Unconditional Surrender (1967) … Susie  


1966 The Likely Lads (TV series)  

Goodbye to All That (1966) … Recruit  


1965 Catch Us If You Can  


1963 The Larkins (TV series)

Strained Relations (1963)

Beatle Drive (1963)   



Bob Todd

Bob Todd (Brian Todd)   b Faversham, Kent 15/12/1921 d Sussex 11/10/1992

Leaving school Bob trained to be a dentist before serving in the war as an RAF Navigator. After the war ended Bob made money from cattle breeding whilst working as a manager at London Airport. However the business failed and at the age of forty two Bob needed a new career and he turned to acting. He made his screen debut in Michael Bentine’s comedy series It’s A Square World in 1960. He also got a lucky break when he met comedy writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson who had written the Hancock series and were soon to write the new comedy series Steptoe and Son. Bob bluffed them into believing that he was in fact an actor and ended up with the part of a policeman in the Sid James comedy series Citizen James in 1961.

As a result of this Bob’s career was launched as he was  consequently used as a  stooge in The Dick Emery Show and The Mike and Bernie Winters Show, before joining The Benny Hill Show in 1969, and he would be known for playing a straight man. Bob was best known  for his lugubrious expression and talent for slapstick, and was known to his fellow comedians by the nickname "Silly Todd". Bob was to appear in over seventy different productions in his career. Early screen appearances include an uncredited role in the comedy film Raising The Wind (1961), and on television he was in Comedy Playhouse (1962). In 1965 he starred as a policeman in Morecombe and Wise’s film The Intelligence Men.

In 1969 he made his debut in The Benny Hill Show and stayed with the show on and off until 1991 shortly before Benny’s death, Bob gained a reputation for drunkenness while working on 'The Benny Hill Show'. He once failed to turn up for a London Palladium show after a 'drinking episode', and eventually turned up in a Dublin hospital five days later. After this was reported in the media, Hill had Bob dropped from the show. Producer Dennis Kirkland persuaded Hill to rescind the decision, saying Bob brought much to the show and his drinking rarely affected his work.

Also in 1969 he plays the patient on the breathing apparatus in Carry On Again Doctor, you do not see much of his face but can still clearly tell it is him, although this would be his only film contribution, he would return to Carry On Again Christmas made for television the following year. Also in 1970 he starred as Mr. Pollard in seven episodes of the comedy series The Best Things In Life, the series also starred Harry H Corbett and June Whitfield. From 1969 until 1970 Bob also starred in Bernard Cribbin’s comedy show Cribbins, he appeared in all twelve episodes over two series.

The following year Bob played various characters in Marty Feldman’s show The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine which ran until 1972. Later in 1972 Bob was given his own television series called In For A Penny but the series only ran for one series. In 1972 Bob starred in the comedy films Mutiny On The Buses, Go For A Take and That’s Your Funeral. Then in 1974 he was a regular member of the cast in another short lived comedy series called Doctor At Sea, a spin off the Doctor series which starred Robin Nedwell and Geoffrey Davies. Bob also starred in a couple of sex comedies The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1975), Confessions of a Pop Performer (1976) and Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse (1978). In 1979 he was a cast regular in Spike Milligan’s series Q5.

In 1981 he was cast as Billy Strothers in the comedy series Funny Man which starred Jimmy Jewel and Jean Boht. Later in 1983 he played a dignified gent in Superman III. His appearances by now were becoming scarce and he made his final screen appearance in Benny Hill’s World Tour: New York! in 1991. Bob was married to Monica and the couple had two sons and a daughter, he died six months after Benny Hill in 1992. Bob was immortalised on record by half Man Half Biscuit when they made a song about him called ‘99% of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd’ in 1985 and perhaps just as surprising is that Bob was 6 feet 2 inches tall.

1991 Benny Hill: Unseen (TV movie)  
Various Roles  


1989 The Return of the Musketeers  
High Bailiff  


1988 Mr. H Is Late (TV short)  
Elderly undertaker  


1985 Video Spotlight (video)  
Various Characters (uncredited)  


1984 Jane (TV series)  
Professor Crankshaft

Episode #2.5 (1984) … Professor Crankshaft

Episode #2.4 (1984) … Professor Crankshaft

Episode #2.3 (1984) … Professor Crankshaft  


1984 The Steam Video Company (TV series)  


1984 Gabrielle and the Doodleman  
Merlin / Ugly Sister  


1983 Superman III  
Dignified Gent  


1983 Jim Davidson's Special (TV series)

Episode #2.1 (1983)  


1983 Andy Robson (TV series)  
Sir Arnold Snaith

Time and Tide (1983) … Sir Arnold Snaith  


1982 It's Your Move (TV short)  
Old removal man  


1980-1982 The Jim Davidson Show (TV series)

Episode #4.6 (1982)

Episode #4.5 (1982)

Episode #4.4 (1982)

Episode dated 22 December 1981 (1981)

Episode #3.6 (1981)

See all 11 episodes »  


1981 Funny Man (TV series)  
Billy Strothers

Letting Go (1981) … Billy Strothers

Hearth and Home (1981) … Billy Strothers

The Good of the Cause (1981) … Billy Strothers

The Keys of the Kingdom (1981) … Billy Strothers

Me and My Shadow (1981) … Billy Strothers

See all 6 episodes »  


1981 The Best of the Benny Hill Show: Vol. 1 (video)  


1980 The Allan Stewart Show (TV movie)  


1980 Rhubarb Rhubarb (short)  


1979-1980 Q9 (TV series)  
Various Characters

Episode #5.6 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #5.5 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #5.4 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #5.3 (1980) … Various Characters

Episode #5.2 (1980) … Various Characters

See all 12 episodes »  


1980 The Benny Hill Show (TV series)  
Various Characters

Butch Cafferty and the Fundance Kid (1980) … Various Characters  


1980 Watch This Space (TV series)

Crackly Delight (1980)  


1979 Le Petomane (short)  
Joseph's Father  


1978 Bernie (TV series)

Episode #1.2 (1978)

Episode #1.1 (1978)  


1978 Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse  
Mr. Buchanan  


1977 Come Play with Me  


1976 What's on Next? (TV series)  
Various (1976-1978)  


1976 The Ups and Downs of a Handyman  
Squire Bullsworthy  


1975 Confessions of a Pop Performer  
Mr. Barnwell  


1975 Max Wall: Funny Man (short)  
Man in Bar  


1974 The Four Musketeers  
Firing Squad Officer  


1974 Just One More Time  


1974 Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall  


1974 Doctor at Sea (TV series)  
Cyril, Entertainments Officer

Goodbye Mr. Ships! (1974) … Cyril, Entertainments Officer

Go Away Stowaway! (1974) … Cyril, Entertainments Officer

The Senior Officer's Perks (1974) … Cyril, Entertainments Officer

A Healthy Ship Is a Happy Ship (1974) … Cyril, Entertainments Officer  


1974 Funny Ha-Ha (TV series)  
Arnold Smedley

Football Crazy (1974) … Arnold Smedley  


1974 Football Crazy (TV short)  
Arnold Smedley  


1974 The Best of Benny Hill  
Various Roles  


1973 Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World  
The Great Manzini  


1973 All Star Comedy Carnival (TV movie)  


1972-1973 The Fenn Street Gang (TV series)  
Percival Pollard / Waiter

Full Circle (1973) … Percival Pollard

The Clean Weekend (1972) … Waiter  


1973 On the Buses (TV series)  
Mr. Simpson

Friends in High Places (1973) … Mr. Simpson  


1973 The Flying Sorcerer  


1972 That's Your Funeral  
Arthur (Funeral Director)  


1972 Go for a Take  
Security Man  


1972 All Star Comedy Carnival (TV movie)  


1972 Thirty Minutes Worth (TV series)

Episode #1.6 (1972)  


1972 In for a Penny (TV series)  


1972 Mutiny on the Buses  
New Inspector  


1972 Doctor in Charge (TV series)  

Which Doctor? (1972) … Sergeant  


1971-1972 The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine (TV series)  
Various Characters

The Best of the Comedy Machine (1972) … Various Characters

Episode #1.14 (1972) … Various Characters

Episode #1.13 (1972) … Various Characters

Episode #1.12 (1971) … Various Characters

Episode #1.10 (1971) … Various Characters

See all 14 episodes »  


1972 Burke & Hare  
Guard Campbell  


1971-1972 The Dick Emery Show (TV series)

Episode #10.3 (1972)

Episode #10.2 (1972)

Episode #9.8 (1971)

Episode #9.2 (1971)  


1972 Inn for a Penny (TV series)  


1971 Bachelor of Arts (short)  
Police Officer  


1971 Kraft Music Hall Presents: The Des O'Connor Show (TV series)  

Episode dated 18 September 1971 (1971) … Guest  


1971 She'll Follow You Anywhere  
Car salesman  


1970 Carry on Again Christmas (TV movie)  
Ben Gunn / Ship Mate  


1970 Here Come the Double Deckers! (TV series)  

United We Stand (1970)

Starstruck (1970) … Director  


1970 Scars of Dracula  


1969-1970 Cribbins (TV series)

Episode #2.6 (1970)

Episode #2.5 (1970)

Episode #2.4 (1970)

Episode #2.3 (1970)

Episode #2.2 (1970)

See all 12 episodes »  


1968-1970 Please Sir! (TV series)  
Boating Lake Attendant / Bus Conductor

Ag Bow Rumber (1970) … Boating Lake Attendant

The Welcome Mat (1968) … Bus Conductor  


1962-1970 Comedy Playhouse (TV series)  
Boat Pilot / Cartwright / Sgt. McKenzie

Meter Maids (1970) … Sgt. McKenzie

The Gold Watch Club (1968) … Cartwright

The Channel Swimmer (1962) … Boat Pilot  


1970 The Best Things in Life (TV series)  
Mr. Pollard

The Emigrant (1970) … Mr. Pollard

The Expense Account (1970) … Mr. Pollard

Coral Wedding (1970) … Mr. Pollard

Up in Mabel's Room (1970) … Mr. Pollard

The Fugitive (1970) … Mr. Pollard

See all 7 episodes »  


1969 Carry on Again Doctor  
Patient on Breathing Apparatus (uncredited)  


1969 ITV Sunday Night Theatre (TV series)  

Fly Away Home (1969) … Official  


1969 It's Your Move (short)  
Old Removal Man  


1968 The Benny Hill Show (TV series)  
Various Roles  


1968 Hot Millions  
British Commissionaire (uncredited)  


1968 Orlando (TV series)  
Dr. Deadstone

Lets Be Hairy Together (1968) … Dr. Deadstone  


1967 Jemina & Johnny (short)  


1967 Hancock's (TV series)

Episode #1.1 (1967)  


1967 Around with Allen (TV movie)  


1967 Gentleman Jim (TV movie)  


1967 Turn Out the Lights (TV series)  

One for Yes, Two for No (1967) … Llewellyn  


1967 No Strings (TV movie)  


1967 Ouch! (short)  


1965 The Intelligence Men  
Policeman (uncredited)  


1962 The Dickie Henderson Show (TV series)

The Romance (1962)  


1960-1962 Citizen James (TV series)  

It's Not Cricket (1962) … Policeman

Episode #2.9 (1961)

Episode #2.7 (1961)

Episode #2.6 (1961)

Episode #2.1 (1961)

See all 6 episodes »  


1962 Brothers in Law (TV series)  
Fred Tanner

Separation Order (1962) … Fred Tanner  


1962 Postman's Knock  
District Superintendent  


1961 It's a Square World (TV series)  
Various Characters

Episode #2.4 (1961) … Various Characters

Episode #2.3 (1961) … Various Characters

Episode #2.2 (1961) … Various Characters

Episode #2.1 (1961) … Various Characters  


1961 Raising the Wind  
Street Musician - Accordianist (uncredited)  


1961 Spike Milligan: A Series of Unrelated Incidents at Current Market Value (TV movie)  
Various characters  


1961 Sykes and A... (TV series)  
Man with Vase

Sykes and a Bath (1961) … Man with Vase  


Michael Fleming

An occasional actor over a thirty year period of in small roles that went uncredited, Michael has appeared  in the bond film The Man With A Golden Gun in 1974,other bit part roles have include appearances on Minder, The Charmer with Nigel Havers and also with Chris Barrie on The Brittas Empire.


      1. "Melissa" (1997) TV mini-series .... Journalist (unknown episodes)

      2. "Between the Lines" .... P.C.A. Chairman (1 episode, 1993)  
        Some Must Watch (1993) TV episode .... P.C.A. Chairman

      3. "The Brittas Empire" .... Clerk of the Court (1 episode, 1993)  
        The Trial (1993) TV episode .... Clerk of the Court

      4. A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia (1992) (TV) .... Carlton Manager

      5. Prime Suspect (1991) (TV) .... Major Howard

      6. "Hey Dude" .... Surveyor 1 (1 episode, 1989)  
        Cowboy Ernst (1989) TV episode .... Surveyor 1

      7. "Small World" .... K. Simpson (1 episode, 1988)  
        The Lady of Situations (1988) TV episode .... K. Simpson

      8. "The Charmer" .... Receptionist (2 episodes, 1987)  
        Gorse at the End (1987) TV episode .... Receptionist 
        Gorse the Imposter (1987) TV episode .... Receptionist

      9. "A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery" .... Clerk of the Court (1 episode, 1987)  
        Strong Poison: Episode One (1987) TV episode .... Clerk of the Court

      10. "Paradise Postponed" (1986) TV mini-series .... Ministry official (unknown episodes)

      11. "Lytton's Diary" .... City Editor (2 episodes, 1985)  
        Rabid Dingo: Shock Horror (1985) TV episode .... City Editor 
        The Silly Season (1985) TV episode .... City Editor

      12. "Mitch" .... Surgeon (1 episode, 1984)  
        A Family Matter (1984) TV episode .... Surgeon

      13. "Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense" .... Receptionist (1 episode, 1984)  
        ... aka "Fox Mystery Theater" - International
        (English title) 
        Last Video and Testament (1984) TV episode .... Receptionist

      14. "Minder" .... Immigration Officer (1 episode, 1979)  
        The Bengal Tiger (1979) TV episode .... Immigration Officer

      15. "Parables" .... Mr. Rome (1 episode, 1978)  
        Another Weekend (1978) TV episode .... Mr. Rome

      16. "The Legend of Robin Hood" .... Sir Cedric Usher (1 episode, 1975)  
        Part 1 (1975) TV episode .... Sir Cedric Usher

      17. Conduct Unbecoming (1975) .... Lt. Frank Hart

      18. "Crown Court" .... Lt. Scott-Temple (1 episode, 1975)  
        The Murder Monitor (1975) TV episode .... Lt. Scott-Temple

      19. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974) .... Communications Officer  
        ... aka "Ian Fleming's The Man with the Golden Gun" - UK
        (complete title), USA (complete title) 
        ... aka "The Golden Gun" - International
        (English title) (informal short title)

      20. "Here Come the Double Deckers!" (1 episode, 1970)  
        Starstruck (1970) TV episode

      21. "No Hiding Place" .... 1st Reporter / ... (3 episodes, 1961-1962)  
        The Skeleton Wore Boots (1962) TV episode .... 1st Reporter 
        Little Girl Stolen (1962) TV episode .... Detective Sgt. 
        The Slippery Deck (1961) TV episode .... 2nd Steward

      22. "ITV Television Playhouse" .... Delivery man (1 episode, 1961)  
        Hi Diddle Diddle (1961) TV episode .... Delivery man



Alec Bregonzi


Alec Bregonzi b London 21/4/1930 d London 4/6/2006

Alec was evacuated to Maidenhead during the war. After leaving school he worked as a photographer until joining the RAF to start his national service. In 1955, on leaving the RAF he started in repertory companies throughout the country, having spells at Farnham, York and Bromley. Within two years he appeared in the West End in ‘Camino Real’ and understudied Ronnie Barker. He made his first appearance on television in 1957 in Kenilworth. Later that year he appeared in Hancock’s Half Hour with Tony Hancock and became one of the shows regular supporting cast of actors, he went on to appear in twenty two episodes up to 1960. Thanks to Duncan Wood the shows producer he appeared in many top comedian shows as an actor/straight man to many top comedians of the time, which include Benny Hill, Charlie Drake, Kenny Everett and Frankie Howerd.

 Later in his life he also appeared with Cannon and Ball, Hale and Pace, The Two Ronnie’s and in Filthy, Rich and Catflap with Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer and Ade Edmondson. In theatre he appeared in many productions, which include Cinderella, Virtue in Danger and the comedy Relapse. He also toured with Tony Hancock in 1958 and again in 1961. Alec also appeared in a number of films and television series and these including Georgy Girl (1966),The Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978). His last screen appearance was in Happiness in 2001. He appeared in the first Carry On Sergeant in 1958 and in 1971 his appearance in Convenience ended up on the cutting room floor. In the 1990’s he read viewers letters on Points of View hosted by Barry Took. He also provided voice over’s for commercials and the puppet series The Treacle People in 1995. He died in 2006 of cancer.


2001 Happiness (TV series)  
Vicar 1

Personality Crisis (2001) … Vicar 1  


1997 Underworld (TV series)  
Elderly Man

Episode #1.3 (1997) … Elderly Man  


1997 A Royal Scandal (TV movie)  


1995-1997 The Treacle People (TV series)

Sticky Christmas (1997)

Treacle Trouble (1995)  


1989 Queen of Hearts  


1988 London's Burning (TV series)  
Ugly Sister

Christmas Special (1988) … Ugly Sister (as Alex Bregonzi)  


1975-1987 The Two Ronnies (TV series)  
Man in Cinema / Queen Victoria / T.V. Studio Director / …

1987 Christmas Special (1987)

1982 Christmas Special (1982)

Episode #8.3 (1980) … Vicar

Episode #5.6 (1976) … Various Characters

Episode #5.5 (1976) … Queen Victoria

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1987 Screen Two (TV series)

The Children of Dynmouth (1987)  


1987 Filthy Rich & Catflap (TV series)  

Episode #1.2 (1987) … Waiter  


1986 The Pyrates (TV movie)  


1986 Mapp & Lucia (TV series)  
Mr. Bullock

Lady Bountiful (1986) … Mr. Bullock  


1986 Constant Hot Water (TV series)  

Chef's Special (1986) … Guiseppe  


1986 L'étincelle  


1982-1985 The Kenny Everett Television Show (TV series)  

Episode #3.2 (1985) … Various

Episode #2.8 (1983) … Various

Episode #2.7 (1983) … Various

Episode #2.6 (1983) … Various

Episode #2.5 (1983) … Various

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1984 Cannon & Ball (TV series)

Episode #6.6 (1984)  


1983 Now and Then (TV series)  
House buyer

Episode #1.3 (1983) … House buyer  


1982 The Barchester Chronicles (TV mini-series)  

Part 3 (1982) … Footman  


1982 Jackanory Playhouse (TV series)  

The Unknown Enchantment (1982) … Abracadabra  


1980-1981 Kelly Monteith (TV series)

Episode #3.5 (1981)

Episode #2.2 (1980)  


1981 Great Expectations (TV mini-series)  
Wopsle's dresser

Episode #1.7 (1981) … Wopsle's dresser  


1981 Keep It in the Family (TV series)  

Matter over Mind (1981) … Waiter  


1981 Doctor's Daughters (TV series)  

Dr Sadie (1981) … Luigi  


1981 The Little World of Don Camillo (TV series)  

Part 4 (1981) … Examiner  


1980 Play for Today (TV series)  

C2 H5 OH (1980) … Patient  


1980 Grundy (TV series)  

Hands Across the Table (1980) … Clint  


1980 Bernie (TV series)

Episode #2.4 (1980)  


1978 Edward & Mrs. Simpson (TV mini-series)  

The Little Prince (1978) … Luigi  


1978 Famous Five (TV series)  

Five Go Adventuring Again (1978) … Wilton  


1978 Revenge of the Pink Panther  
Douvier's Boardmember  


1978 The Many Wives of Patrick (TV series)  

One of the Smart Set in a Smart Setting (1978) … Ken  


1978 The Mayor of Casterbridge (TV mini-series)  

Episode #1.7 (1978) … Companion  


1975 Q9 (TV series)  
Various Characters

Episode #2.1 (1975) … Various Characters  


1975 Rule Britannia! (TV series)  
Park Keeper

Sauce for the Goose (1975) … Park Keeper  


1975 My Son Reuben (TV series)  

A Matter of Dispute (1975) … Gentleman  


1974 Holiday with Strings (TV movie)  


1974 Funny Ha-Ha (TV series)  
Mr. Trench

Me 'n' Meep (1974) … Mr. Trench  


1973 BBC Play of the Month (TV series)  

The Recruiting Officer (1973) … Poacher  


1973 The Dragon's Opponent (TV series)  
French diner

The Battle (1973) … French diner  


1973 Freewheelers (TV series)  

Darkness at Noon (1973) … Gaston  


1973 Hey Brian! (TV series)

Episode #1.6 (1973)  


1973 Ooh La La! (TV series)  

The Lady from Maxims (1973) … Etienne  


1972 Sykes (TV series)  
Second Man

Marriage (1972) … Second Man  


1972 Cool It Carol!  
Camp Man (uncredited)  


1971 Carry on at Your Convenience  
Photographer (scenes deleted)  


1970 Here Come the Double Deckers! (TV series)

Starstruck (1970)  


1969 School for Sex  


1969 Cry Wolf  
Sound man  


1968 The Ugliest Girl in Town (TV series)  
Christopher Feather

The Perfect Young Lady (1968) … Christopher Feather  


1966 Georgy Girl  
Beauty Salon Manager (uncredited)  


1965 ITV Play of the Week (TV series)  

Finesse in Diamonds (1965) … Bonnier  


1965 Night Train to Surbiton (TV mini-series)  


1964 Frankie Howerd (TV series)

Episode #1.3 (1964)  


1964 Crossroads (TV series)  
Mr. Potter  


1963-1964 The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre (TV series)  
Cast member / Garage proprietor / Max

Face of a Stranger (1964) … Garage proprietor

Downfall (1964) … Cast member (uncredited)

Ricochet (1963) … Max  


1964 The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling (TV series)  
Bank clerk / Hotel clerk

A Germ Destroyer (1964) … Hotel clerk

A Bank Fraud (1964) … Bank clerk  


1964 Sykes and A... (TV series)

Sykes and a Box (1964)  


1964 Steptoe and Son (TV series)  

Sunday for Seven Days (1964) … Cinemagoer  


1964 Downfall  
Bit part (uncredited)  


1963 Ricochet  


1960-1962 Citizen James (TV series)

The Watchdog (1962)

Episode #2.8 (1961)

Episode #2.6 (1961)

The Brand Image (1960)

The Rivals (1960)

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1962 Benny Hill (TV series)  

Portrait of a Bridegroom (1962) … Fop  


1961 It's a Square World (TV series)  
Various Characters

Episode #2.4 (1961) … Various Characters

Episode #2.3 (1961) … Various Characters

Episode #2.2 (1961) … Various Characters

Episode #2.1 (1961) … Various Characters  


1961 Hancock (TV series)  

The Bowmans (1961) … Fred  


1957-1960 Hancock's Half Hour (TV series)  
1st Soldier / 1st footballer / 1st man at bus stop / …

The Baby Sitters (1960) … Burglar

The East Cheam Centenary (1960) … Marcher in parade

The Emigrant (1960) … New Zealand immigration official

The Missing Page (1960) … Man in Library

Football Pools (1959) … 1st footballer

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1960 The Days of Vengeance (TV series)  


1959 It's Saturday Night (TV series)  


1958 A Christmas Night with the Stars (TV series)  
Vicar with Tony Hancock

Episode dated 25 December 1958 (1958) … Vicar with Tony Hancock  


1958 The Rebel Heiress (TV movie)  
David Killigrew  


1958 Carry on Sergeant  
First Storesman  


1958 Queen's Champion (TV mini-series)  
Sir Arthur St. John

The Edge of Defeat (1958) … Sir Arthur St. John  


1958 The April 8th Show (Seven Days Early) (TV movie)  
Various Characters  


1957 Kenilworth (TV series)

Episode #1.4 (1957)  



Alan Rebbeck

A very occasional actor with only a few screen appearances in the early seventies generally in the background and going uncredited.


      1. "Target" .... Pink (1 episode, 1977)  
        Big Elephant (1977) TV episode .... Pink

      2. Cruel Passion (1977) (uncredited) .... Lord Claverton

      3. Side by Side (1975)

      4. "Queenie's Castle" .... Vicar (1 episode, 1972)  
        New Broom (1972) TV episode .... Vicar

      5. Up the Front (1972) .... Winking soldier

      6. Up the Chastity Belt (1971) .... Friar Tuck  
        ... aka "The Chastity Belt" - USA

      7. "Here Come the Double Deckers!" (1 episode, 1970)  
        Starstruck (1970) TV episode

      8. Games That Lovers Play (1970) .... Peeping Tom #1  
        ... aka "Lady Chatterly Versus Fanny Hill" - USA



Douglas Ridley

Films (1): Henry

For a short time Douglas appeared in a few minor roles on the screen, he made his debut in Joe Orton’s film version of Loot in 1970 when he played a pallbearer. Douglas then had another uncredited screen role in the comedy film Cool It Carol!. This starred a young Robin Askwith and Jess Conrad. His next appearance was in the episode ‘The Actors’ in Up Pompeii when he played a cuspidor, he played Mr Martin next in his biggest screen role in ‘Sent to Coventry’ of the comedy series For The Love of Ada. His last screen appearance followed in 1971 when Douglas was the second plotter in Carry On Henry.


1971 Carry on Henry  
Second Plotter  


1970 Here Come the Double Deckers! (TV series)

Starstruck (1970)  


1970 For the Love of Ada (TV series)  
Mr. Martin

Sent to Coventry (1970) … Mr. Martin  


1970 Loot  


1970 Up Pompeii! (TV series)  

The Actors (1970) … Cuspidor  


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