The DD Guest Star Bios

by Darren Senior

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Episode 13:

Ivor Salter

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Julian Chagrin

Julian Chagrin b London 22/2/1940

The son of Francis Chagrin (1905-72) a conductor who composed movie scores for a number of films in the forties and fifties, Julian did not follow in his father’s footsteps and he is better known for his mime artist work. As an actor Julian made several television appearance sin the late sixties to early seventies most notably in Please Sir!, The Avengers and The Goodies.

Since 1976 Julian has lived in Israel and has had two Oscar Nominations for short live action, The Concert (1974) and The Morning Spider (1976). In Israel he is a well-known comic performer and he produces local and international comedy programmes. He has been twice married and his brother Nicolas Chagrin (1945-) is also a well known actor working in England.


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