The DD Guest Star Bios

by Darren Senior

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Episode 11:
A Helping Hound


Grant Stark

Graham  Stark (Graham William Stark) b 20/1/1922 Wallasey, Cheshire

A well-known and popular figure to British audiences, Graham made his film debut as early as 1939 playing a bell boy in the film Spy In Black. However it is comedy Graham is best known for and he first made a name on the radio in such programmes as Happy Go Lucky, Ray’s A Laugh with Ted Ray and Educating Archie working with Tony Hancock.

He was also a regular with Peter Sellers and the Goon team in A Show Called Fred and Son Of Fred. Graham was a close friend of Peter Sellers and starred in many of his movies, including all the Pink Panther’s.

After appearing in numerous films of the fifties and sixties, Graham briefly was given his own series in 1964 called The Graham Stark Show. In 1970 Graham produced his own film comedy short called Simon Simon and a year later made wrote and made the film The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins which included a who’s who of British Stars which included Harry H Corbett, Harry Seacombe and Leslie Phillips.

 In 1982 Graham appeared in a cameo role as a butler, alongside Dandy Nichols, in the music video for Adam Ant's UK No. 1 hit "Goody Two Shoes". Graham continued to make contributions mainly in comedy films and series until 1999 when he retired. In his personal life Graham is an accomplished still photographer, and during his friendship with Peter Sellers he used to make model airplanes with him.



Nora Nicholson

Nora Nicholson b 7/12/1892 Leamington, Warwickshire d 18/9/1973 London 

A capable of good character actress often playing elderly ladies, Nora was playing at Stratford in theatre as early as 1912, Nora was a product of the theatre and did not make her screen debut until she was forty. However once making her debut on screen she would make over seventy contributions on screen and TV and worked until her death in 1973. 

Her most notable appearances include A Town Like Alice (1956) and The Forsyte Saga (1967) and her last screen appearance was in an episode of BBC Play of the Month shortly before her death aged seventy nine.



Nicholas Phipps

Nicholas Phipps b 23/6/1913 London d 11/4/1980

Nicholas was a tall dark-haired mustachioed comedy actor often playing villains or cads. However it was as a writer that he is best remembered. He wrote numerous screenplays often writing for Anna Neagle and Michael Wilding. He also wrote several of the Doctor films. In addition Nicholas also wrote plays and lyrics for musical revues. His script for Doctor In The House was nominated for a BAFTA in 1954.

As an actor Nicholas made his film debut in 1938, he often was cast in military roles. His highlights during his career include Doctor In The House (1954), Doctor At Large (1957), Heaven’s Above! (1963) and his last appearance was his role in Here Come The Double Decker’s!



Jennifer Daniel

Jennifer Daniel (Jennifer Williams) b 23/5/1939 Pontypool, South Wales

A stunning looking actress, Jennifer made her television debut in 1958, later in 1960 she was cast as Dolly Varden in the television series Barnaby Rudge, the following year she was cast as Ophelia in the television series Hamlet. Later in 1965 she was another regular in a television series called A Man Called Harry Brent a drama series which also starred Gerald Harper. Jennifer was mainly on television on further regular contributions to television followed in General Hospital (1972), Room (1977) and People Like Us (1978). 

From the late eighties Jennifer’s role has only been occasional, however she has appeared on screen as regular as 2012 when she appeared in the Italian made horror Christmas With The Dead. Jennifer was married to fellow actor Dinsdale Landen from 1959 until his death in 2003.


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