A Message, An Interview and A Request by Gillian Bush-Bailey

"Taken during a performance/paper I give on the work of the first one-woman show (a follow up to my latest book Performing Herself: autobiography and Fanny Kelly's Dramatic Recollections, Manchester University Press, 2011) in which I use Kelly's own memories of her child-acting days and interweave them with my own - including showing clips (and even dancing alongside my 15 year old self with Robbie the Robot).

This has turned out to be a really interesting turn in my work with a surprising response from academic colleagues both here and in Vancouver (where i performed in august) some of whom delightedly, thank goodness, loved the show but even those who don't know it - enjoy the performance."



Gillian's 2011 BBC Interview

Gillian provided me with this amazing interview she did on BBC radio last year.

BBC Radio Interview with Gillian Bush-Bailey - Part 1
BBC Radio Interview with Gillian Bush-Bailey - Part 2
BBC Radio Interview with Gillian Bush-Bailey - Part 3

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I heard from Billie (Gilli Bush-Bailey) this week. She is wanting to hear from you about your memories of watching the show as a kid. Here is what she is requesting: "I am especially interested in my 'unseen' fellow children - the audience from whom I know hear on a monthly basis - an email will come in asking if I was Bille and saying how much they loved the show. I would like to hear from people about how they saw the show, on their own, with friends, family - if they reenacted parts of the show in their own games? that sort of thing. Might we try to get some feedback on this...?"
Here is your opportunity to send your messages to Billie :)

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