The Double Deckers on French TV (1995)

The program is "Les Enfants De La Télé"

Michael Audreson, Brinsley Forde & Gillian Bailey

(The program is in french and the host of the show, Arthur, translates
as the guests speak mainly english.)

Arthur: I am going to try to translate. Welcome to the show (applause from audience).
Just tell me what..(laughter) ....It was an amazing experience for you?

Gillian: Yeah, an incredible experience. Yeah. (laughter)

Arthur: What (are) you doing now?

Gillian: Now? Now.. I am now a script editor, and I've just finished a university degree reading english literature.

Arthur: (to Brinsley) And you. You. I remember you. I don't know why. So just tell me now what you are doing now?

Brinsley: Singer for the group, Aswad (audience applause).

Arthur: And now..OK..(to Michael)..And you..What (are) you doing now?

Michael: I produce shows in England.

Arthur: Sorry?

Michael: I produce shows in England.

Arthur: Ok..(to all)..Did you know that DD was such a success in France?

All: No.

Arthur: I would like to present you all my audience. They love you and they love the Double Deckers. (audience applaudes)

Arthur: Have you got news from other partners you get on the show?

Brinsley: Yeah, well, all of the rest of the gang are sorry that they couldn't be here, but work keeps them in England working hard. But they said to say, " Merci beau coup". (audience applaudes)

Arthur: We've got new from Tiger. Do you remember Tiger?

Brinsley: Yes, she's in Japan.

Gillian: Yes, she's in Japan.

Arthur: She's in Japan and working on the radio...

Gillian: She telephoned me in England a few days ago.... and she does all these radio programs now. She'll be back in England soon.

Arthur: Do you think my english is so bad?

Gillian: No, no, no.

Arthur: Did you know that we've just seen 12 Double Decker (episodes) and not 17.

Brinsley: I believe they had problems translating the other however many..(laughingly)..but I believe you have just signed to contract to translate the rest.

Arthur: I would like to thank you very much. A big pleasure to have you on our show. I would like to try to sing with everybody the famous Double Decker (song).

Arthur: (music plays and everyone sings the Double Deckers theme song) Thank you very much!

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