FAQ: Where are the Videos?

Are DD videos available anywhere?

By far this is the question every fan of the Double Deckers wants to know the answer to. You can now purchase The Double Deckers on DVD in the UK in region 2 format. A few years ago the first 12 of 17 episodes were released on VHS in France but only in the french language. Several fans in the UK videotaped episodes when the show was rebroadcast several years ago. New interest in the Double Deckers is making quite a stir in the UK. The BBC, newspapers and other media companies have taken note how popular the show is among the baby boomers who visit this site.

The rights to the Double Deckers is currently owned by Fox and they are the ones who would be able to release the DD on home video outside the UK.

Another more obvious solution is the fact that "The Double Deckers" is still available for syndication. That means your local or national television station can contact 20th Century Fox and purchase the right to broadcast "The Double Deckers". Contact your local stations and ask them to show "The Double Deckers". SKY TV in the UK did that several years ago and broadcast the entire series.

The Double Deckers was filmed on 35mm. Several 16mm copies still exist including the entire series which is in storage at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Long Live The Double Deckers!

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