The Double Deckers Episode Guide

Episode 13 - Barney
Originally aired: December 5, 1970
Written by Glyn Jones
Directed by Harry Booth
Barney, a street busker, had always loved an audience and his great dream was that one day he might perform on a real stage in a real theatre instead of in the street. Befriending Tiger whilst busking outside a cinema, he ends up on the run from the law in the shape of PC 1066 Hastings (groan!) who isn't impressed with his musicianship. Tiger lets him seek refuge in the den, where he suffers from the gang's efforts to cook him a nourishing meal, most of which ends up on their clothing. He enthrals them all with tales of his colourful past, so there are tears when he finally has to leave. Tiger takes it hardest of all, so he tells her a pretend secret - that he has to go to play for the Queen at the Royal Command Performance. Tiger, not being able to keep a secret, shares it with the others, who decide they simply can't miss it. They arrive at the theatre just as he begins his real performance - busking to entertain the waiting crowds - only to be accosted again by PC Hastings. In the ensuing mayhem, he slips through the stage door, as do the gang, to find themselves on stage, singing and dancing in front of the Queen.
Guest Artists:
Julian Chagrin - Barney
Ivor Salter - Policeman
Song: "One Man Band" (Written by Ivor Slaney & Glyn Jones)

Episode 14 - Man's Best Friend
Originally aired: December 12, 1970
Written by Melvyn Hayes
Directed by Harry Booth
Inspired by Albert the kids collect aluminum foil in order to help buy a seeing eye dog for a deserving person. They put on a show for the other neighborhood kids who gain admission by bringing in aluminum foil. Those who brought in more, got better seats. This is the episode with the "Laugh-in" spoof. Great show! The show is a success and at the end you see the DD posing for the camera with a guide dog.

Episode 15 - United We Stand>
Originally aired: December 12, 1970
Written by John Tulley & Glyn Jones
Directed by Harry Booth
The Double Deckers subversively defend their den from being taken over by the local council who want to convert it to a car park. The mayor makes an inspection of the property along with the council with hilarious results - it appears to be haunted. But we know who the little goblins are.
Guest Artists:
Pat Coombs
Derek Royle
Jack Haig
Bob Todd
John Barrard
Lauri Lupino Lane
Reg Peters

Episode 16 - Up to Scratch
Originally aired: December 26, 1970
Written by Glyn Jones
Directed by Harry Booth
When Billie is paid 2 pounds a week for watching Scratch the dog, the gang realizes the potential for riches and set off to make the place fit to board lots of animals. The only taker is a flea trainer who is looking for a place to keep his fleas after he was kicked out of his flat for having them. Scratch runs away and the kids are sad. To cheer everyone up, the flea trainer shows the flea circus. While Brains is trying to send radio signals to Mars, he creates an ultra-high frequency pitch and the dog starts howling and they find Scratch and also a lost dog (who belonged to the former landlord of the flea trainer). When the kids return the dog, the landlord is so pleased that the flea trainer is asked to move back to the flat. And the kids find a new use for Brains' radio signal - finding and returning lost pets for profit.
Guest Artists:
Timothy Bateson - Mr. Furber
Ann Lancaster - The Landlady
Song: "Old McDonald Had a Farm"

Episode 17 - A Hit for a Miss
Originally aired: January 2, 1971
Written by Glyn Jones & Harry Booth
Directed by Harry Booth
The boys get a crush on their new teacher & help out with the school play. Billie and Tiger are upset the boys aren't paying any attention to them. Realizing this, the teacher fakes a hurt ankle so the girls will be in the show.
Guest Artists:
Georgia Simpson
Brian Hayes
Damaris Hayman
John Clive
Lucy Griffiths
Bryan Hunt
Song: "With a Bit of Love" (Written by Ivor Slaney and Glyn Jones)
Song: "Fat Ladies" (Written by Ivor Slaney and Michael Begg)

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