The Double Deckers Episode Guide

Episode 7 - The Pop Singer
Originally aired: October 24, 1970
Written by Peter Miller
Directed by Harry Booth
The gang gives a struggling busker a makeover - dressing him up in 17th century royalist gear and changing his name to 'The Cool Cavalier' (great name!). In it Brains builds a synthesizer out of a cash till. Albert canvases the neighborhood inviting the teenage scene to the Double Deckers version of a disco. Everyone shows up and there's plenty of psycodellic music and dancing. The Cool Cavalier makes his debut and sings until the synthesizer machine starts blowing up.
Guest Artists:
Anthony May - Cool Cavalier
Ivor Salter - Policeman
Song: "Life is a Wonderful Thing" (Written by Ivor Slaney & Glyn Jones)
Song: "I Gotta Get Through" (Written by Ivor Slaney & Michael Begg)

Episode 8 - Scooper Strikes Out
Originally aired: October 31, 1970
Written by Glyn Jones
Directed by Harry Booth
While showing Billie how to pitch a baseball, Sticks beans Scooper with the ball. As he becomes unconscious we see him with Alice (Jane Seymour) at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The story of Alice in Wonderland is played out with the Queen of Diamonds ordering, "Off with their heads", in reference to the other Double Deckers.
Guest Artists:
Jane Seymour - Alice
Bonnie May - White Rabbit
Tim Barrett - Mad Hatter
George Benson - Caterpillar
Ruth Kettlewell - Duchess
Joan Sterndale-Bennett - Queen of Diamonds
John Barrard - King of Diamonds
Denis Shaw - 1st Soldier
John Quayle - 2nd Soldier
John Wright - 3rd Soldier
Bob Hornery - Executioner
Song: "Welcome to the Party" (Written by Ivor Slaney & Glyn Jones)

Episode 9 - Robbie the Robot
Originally aired: November 7, 1970
Written by Peter Miller
Directed by Harry Booth
Brains creates a Robot who loves to get into mischief. He hits several golf balls into a neighbors yard and pelting the neighbor. The robot dressed in a poncho makes his way over to the neighbors to recover Tigers stuffed toy. He gets entered into a science fair and there are lots of groovy dance steps.
Guest Artists:
Frank Thornton
Ivor Salter - Policeman
Michael Sharvell-Martin
Arnold Taraborrelli - Robbie the Robot

Episode 10 - The Go-Karters
Originally aired: November 14, 1970
Directed by Charles Crichton
Written by Peter Miller
Spring appears before the Magistrate for driving a go-kart recklessly through town. The other kids come to his rescue by proving the go-kart was tampered with by a mean-spirited competitor.
Guest Artists:
David Hutcheson
Jimmy Gardner
Robin Askwith

Episode 11 - A Helping Hound
Originally aired: November 21, 1970
Written by Jan Butlin
Directed by Jeremy Summers
The kids try to help an elderly lady fix up her house before her landlord makes good on his threats to have her evicted. They all try to earn money to help but they leave Tiger behind saying she's too young. The rest of the gang earn money by doing yardwork for someone. Tiger finds a lost dog who in turn causes the gang to ruin the job and return without any money. Albert knows of a place to get free wallpaper and paint, so off they go creating quite a mess while painting and wallpapering a room (classic slapstick). Left alone, Tiger decides to return the dog to the owner. When she returns the dog, the owner is so happy that Tiger receives a cash reward. Tiger shows up to the messy house with professionals and a fist full of english pounds, and saves the day. The landlord returns with delight to see what's been done to the place, and Albert accidently gets him plastered with dessert.
Guest Artists:
Graham Stark
Nora Nicholson
Nicholas Phipps
Jennifer Daniel

Episode 12 - Invaders from Space
Originally aired: November 28, 1970
Written by Glyn Jones
Directed by Jeremy Summers
Brains swears blind he can turn a black & white TV set into a colour one by making a few adjustments with a screwdriver - in the process picking up an advert for a bubble gum promotion that leads the whole gang to believe the Earth had been invaded by aliens from "Planet 7" shooting chocolate candy balls from guns. While attempting to flee, the kids hide in a van later discovering it is being driven by the "aliens" back to their base. From the candy warehouse the kids overpower the unsuspecting "aliens" in their attempt to save the world. The promoter seizes the opportunity and gets the Double Deckers picture in the paper calling them heros. Doughnut gets sick from eating too much candy.
Guest Artists:
Sam Kydd
Dervis Ward
Ivor Salter
John Horsley
Michael Brennan

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