The Double Deckers Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Tiger Takes Off
Originally aired: September 12, 1970
Written by Harry Booth & Glyn Jones
Directed by Harry Booth
In this premier episode, Brains decides to build a hovercraft and enlists the help of the others to construct it. While the gang takes a break, Tiger innocently and accidentally finds herself in the driver seat and the hovercraft "takes off". Unable to stop, Tiger speeds through town creating quite a commotion. We even see Albert riding helplessly on the hood after Tiger runs into him. After much chase by the other kids, and seeing she is heading for water, Tiger ejects from the seat up into a nearby tree. The boys race into the water trying to rescue her. Billie and Tiger laugh at them from a distance. The boys catch colds.

Episode 2 - The Case of the Missing Doughnut
Originally aired: September 19, 1970
Written by Peter Miller
Directed by Harry Booth
Doughnut eats a bowl of green pudding-like substance created by Brains and becomes invisible. Seeing the fun he can have with this he goes out and takes revenge inside a toy shop and bakery where early on he was removed physically. Later on when he reappears, the other kids pretend he's still invisible and convince him to go back to the toy store so they can watch him have some more fun. It was, as the toy shop attendants get even with Doughnut.
Guest Artists:
Julian Orchard
Roy Evans
Jack Haig

Episode 3 - Get a Movie On
Originally aired: September 26, 1970
Written by Harry Booth & Melvyn Hayes
Directed by Harry Booth
Scooper and Brains decide to make a movie. Using a camera belonging to Doughnut the budding artists create a movie set of the "old west" in Yellowrock. Albert stands in for Doughnut to take pies in the face, falls, and other abuses. The film is entered into a contest and the Double Deckers attend the showing which is televised. The auditorium erupts with laughter as the film is shown. Scooper and Brains are devastated as they see the finished product unfold before their eyes. Though they did not win the grand prize, they were awarded 50 rolls of movie film for their next production.
Guest Artist: Norman Vaughn
Song: "Good Day at Yellowrock" (Written by Ivor Slaney & Mike Begg)

Episode 4 - Star-Struck
Originally aired: October 3, 1970
Written by Harry Booth & Glyn Jones
Directed by Harry Booth
In this episode the Double Deckers stand at the entrance of a movie studio hoping to meet the stars as they drive through the security gate. As one starlette stops the car to sign autographs, her miniature boxer escapes and goes running away. The kids chase after the dog and find themselves showing up one movie set after another. They cause confusion and mayhem as they are chased around by the security guards. The kids eventually meet up with the little dog and the movie star at her dressing room. The kids are safe at last and they are rewarded for returning the dog to her owner. We see the kids at the end of the show leaving the studio in the movie star's car.
Guest Artists:
David Lodge - 1st Security Man
Liz Fraser - Zizi Bagor
Hugh Walters - 2nd Security Man
Bob Todd
Michael Fleming
Alec Bregonzi
Alan Rubbeck
Douglas Ridley
The "Beaux & Belles" dance performed by pupils of The Italia Conti Stage School

Episode 5 - Happy Haunting
Originally aired: October 10, 1970
Written by Harry Booth & Glyn Jones
Directed by Harry Booth
The Double Deckers go on a tour of an old mansion. Billie and Tiger get themselves trapped while looking for the ladies room. The boys who later discover them missing set out on a search for the two girls. The house seems to be haunted as Albert, who had just fallen through a trap door into water, was returning to the house dressed in a sheet (looking like a ghost). In the process of being chased the kids find a secret room holding great riches. In the end, Doughnut is wearing a suit of armor and you see him chasing after the car that just left without him.
Guest Artists:
Clive Dunn - Hodge
Pat Coombs - Doris
Frederick Peisley - The Duke
Ruth Kettlewell - The Dutchess
Song: "It's a Day & a Half" (Written by Joan Maitland & Richard Kerr)

Episode 6 - Summer Camp
Originally aired: October 17, 1970
Written by Michael Watson & Harry Booth
Directed by Harry Booth
Traveling through the english countryside in a covered wagon being pulled by a donkey, the Double Deckers and Albert set out to camp in the great outdoors. They quickly make pests of themselves to a rich, snobbish couple who are out camping on holiday as well. Disaster strikes as the donkey visits and destroys the couple's camp. It rains that night and the couple spends the night in their car. In the morning you see the kids with them asleep in the car. Their car has a mind of its own as they try getting it unstuck from the mud. It plows into a haystack that begins to move along quickly and goes driving by itself down the road until it finds it's way into a barn.
Guest Artists:
Betty Marsden
Hugh Paddick
George Woodbridge
Song: "To the Countryside" (Written by Ivor Slaney & Michael Begg)
Song: "Grannies Rocking Chair" (Written by Mair Somerton-Davies)

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