Episode 2: The Case of the Missing Doughnut
Screen Play by Peter Miller
Directed by Harry Booth

Guest Actors: Julian Orchard, Roy Evans, Jack Haig

(Brains and Doughnut are in the lab room on the bus. Doughnut is fascinated but in the way)

Brains: Why don't you go away and leave me alone?

Doughnut: I'm interested.

Brains: The only thing you're ever interested in is food.

Doughnut: No, I want to see if it works.

Brains: Look, the experiment won't ever work if you keep getting in the way.

Doughnut: All right, I'm going.

Brains: Mmmm. And don't slam the..(door slams, Brains is startled, drops flask and room fills with smoke.)

[Next Scene: Doughnut is standing in front of the toy store with his nose pressed against the window. The manager and store clerk inside the store see him.]

Clerk: The last of the big spenders.

Manager: Is this the one that makes you get everything out and then never buys anything?

Clerk: Ayes, that's the one sir.

Manager: Leave him to me.(Doughnut comes in the store)

Doughnut: Good Morning (He starts playing with the toys)..Can I see the..(Manager grabs him)

Manager: How would you like to turn out our pockets Sonny and show us your spending power?

Doughnut: Its pocket money then tomorrow.

Manager: (As he is throwing Doughnut out of the store) I see. Well then perhaps you'd like to get yourself an armored car and have them escort you around here tomorrow and we will be at your service.

[Next Scene: Back in the laboratory Brains is talking with Tiger]

Tiger: Never heard of anything so silly.

Brains: Skepticism didn't get the Americans to the moon, now did it?

Tiger: No. It was a rocket! (pause) Huh! Invisibleness.

Brains: Invisibility.

Tiger: That's what I said!

[Next Scene: Doughnut enters the bakery]

Doughnut: Morning

Baker: Good M..Oh, its you again.

Doughnut: (pointing to different pastries on display)I'll have some of those, one of those..

Baker: (smugly) You mean.. you want.. one of those.. and one of those.. and how about one of these.. (Baker takes a small bite). Today's speciality.

Doughnut: Yeah, I'll have one of those too.

Baker: (sternly) And where's your money?

Doughnut: I'll pay you tomorrow.

Baker: Get Out! (Doughnut leaves)

[Next Scene: Back in the laboratory with Brains, Billie and Tiger]

Billie: YUK! Your not trying to make everlasting chewing gum again are you?

Brains: No!

Billie: Only last time it took me 3 days to chip it off the bedpost.

(Brains pours a green puddling-like mixture into a bowl)

Billie: Hmm! That taking you all morning to make?

Brains: It's not set yet.

Billie: Well what are you going to do with it when it is?Ö Play ball with it?

Tiger: He says he's going to make you invisible.

Billie: Invisible? Oh huh!

Brains: Ah, so so confident in my abilities, you can be the first to try it. In the mean time I suggest you go and look for the others.

(Brains and the others leave the lab with the bowl containing Brain's invention on the table)

[Next Scene: Doughnut enters the clubhouse yard through the secret fence door, wanders over to the bus, works the combination lock on the door and gets on the bus where he see the door of the Lab which reads, "Doughnut Keep Out - signed Brains". Doughnut goes inside and looks around and sees the bowl on the table. It looks good to him so he eats it. Sticks comes into the clubhouse yard.]

Sticks: Hey, anybody home? (Sticks works the combination lock on the door and goes onboard the bus. He hears someone sweeping up in the lab)

Sticks: Hey Brains, you in there?

Doughnut: No, no, its me Doughnut.

Sticks: (Disapprovingly) Doughnut!

Doughnut: I just thought I'd do a bit of sweeping up.

(A confused Sticks sees the broom sweeping by itself.)

Sticks: Doughnut?

Doughnut: Nearly finished. I like helping you fellas. You know how dirty it gets in here. There that's better.

Sticks: (looking puzzled) Oh, where are you?

Doughnut: What's you mean, "Where am I?" I'm here. You know something Sticks, you don't look too well. Why don't you sit down. Here's a nice cushion, nice and soft. (Chair moves across floor towards Sticks)

Sticks: (shaken) I'm dreaming, that's what it is. I'm dreaming. (Sticks pinches his cheeks) OW! I'm not dreaming. (Sticks runs wildly away from the clubhouse-fast motion)

Doughnut: Funny. And why did he do that? Maybe he needs a doctor. Oh well. (Doughnut looks in the mirror and realizes he's invisible) It's me that needs a doctor. I can't see myself in the mirror. That stuff. That jinni stuff. I thought it tasted funny. Gosh, it's Brains' invention. Oh gosh, I invisible, invisible, and by nobody can see me. I invisible, invisible. Yahoo! I'm invisible, invisible. Yahoo! Nobody can see me! (knocks things over) Oh boy, am I going to have some fun.

[Next Scene: Doughnut goes to the toy store. Albert is cleaning the street in front when Doughnut arrives. Doughnut is talking to himself and Albert is confused]

Doughnut: Right! He didn't have to practically pull my ear off, did he? He didn't have to be a bully, did he? Right then, now I'm going to have some fun.

[The store door opens and closes as the invisible Doughnut goes inside. He reeks havoc on the toy store and the store clerk's mind by turning the toys against him. Little dolls start marching across the floor saying in unison, "I am your baby doll - I am pretty and neat" and "I am your baby doll - I walk and talk". Electric car set starts. Toy soldiers and cannons move across the table. The toys seem to come alive as the store clerk retreats to a closet to find safety from the madness. The manager comes in.]

Manager: Now what on earth is going on in here. (He sees the clerk trying to hide) Now just what do you think you're doing? Come out at once.

Clerk: It's the toys sir, they've all come alive. They're attacking me.

Manager: Attacking you. What rubbish! I've never heard such obstinance. Now come out this second, that is an order.

Clerk: I won't come out. I won't come out.

Manager: I will not tolerate this childish behavior. When I say come out I mean come out immediately.

Clerk: I won't come..(followed by maniacal laughter and sounds of pain as his head is trapped between 2 folding doors held together by the manager - the toys escalate their attack. Rockets and other projectiles are catapulted at them)

Clerk: No, no, no don't shoot Don't sh..(The toys pursue thier attack against the adults with a decisive victory, leaving them hiding in the closet.)

[Next Scene: Back at the bus is Brains, Billie, Scooper, Sticks, Spring and Tiger]

Brains: Great greedy fat lunk! He's eaten this!

Billie: Well I take back what I said. At least we know it works.

Sticks: You can say that again. Wow, did he give me a scare.

Spring: Hey listen, we'd better find Doughnut before he gets into any trouble.

Scooper: Well that shouldn't be too difficult. Brains and me will try the bakers; Billie, Spring and Sticks the toy shop.

Billie: Okay, fine. (They all start the head out)

Tiger: (speaking to Scooper) And what about me?

Scooper: Well,Ö.you stay here and if Doughnut comes back, whatever you do, don't let him out. Okay?

Tiger: Alright.

[Next Scene: Doughnut goes into the bakery and trips the baker who falls face first into a chocolate cake he was carrying. Doughnut laughs with delight. Sticks, Billie, and Spring arrive and look through the store window and see the trouble Doughnut is causing]

Sticks: Oh no!

Spring: Great galloping pop guns.

Billie: Come on, we'd better tell Scooper (The trio race away)

[Next Scene: Back at the Bakery with Doughnut and the Baker]

Doughnut: Have some cake.

Baker: Huh? (Cake hits baker in the face, Doughnut laughs. Doughnut removes a bottom pillar from a 3-tier wedding bake. The Baker watches, doesn't believe his eyes or ears.)

Doughnut: Watch it, it's toppeling! Ha ha! (Cake is teetering) Hold onÖ One moreÖQuickly its goingÖ Ha ha ÖAh, what a shame.

Baker: Oooh! Ahhh!(Top tier with wedding couple figures lands on top of bakers head as he sits beaten, covered with cake)

Doughnut: Oh dear! Tsk, tsk, tsk Accidents will happen.

(Doughnut leaves Bakery)

Doughnut: Hello, Albert.

Albert: Hello DoughnutÖ(realizes he doesn't see him) DoughnutÖ(excitedly) Doughnut!

(Albert jumps headfirst into trash can and after Brains and Scooper arrive, makes a hasty exit.) [Next Scene: Brains and Scooper are just outside the Bakery]

Scooper: Call off the Bakers.

[They run inside the store. Baker is still sitting on the floor]

Brains: I think were too late.

(Brains and Scooper calling out "Doughnut")

Scooper: No, we're too late.

(Brains picks up a small pie)

Scooper: What's that?

Brains: Bait for Doughnut.

Scooper: Bait?

Brains: I'll explain later. Come on.

(Brains tries to give baker money for the pie. Baker is seething with anger, can't talk. The boys leave the bakery.)

[Next Scene: Back at the clubhouse the invisible Doughnut comes through the secret fence door and wanders through the yard and finds the pie the boys set up as a trap for Doughnut]

Doughnut: (sniff, sniff) Apple pie! Oh boy, fantastic.

(Coming out from hiding the gang runs towards Doughnut who is eating the pie)

Scooper: Aaaaaaaah (They pull a sheet over Doughnut so they can tell where he is), Gotcha, gotcha! Aaaah. Hold him!

Doughnut: Let me go! Let me go!

(There is quite a commotion - after a struggle Doughnut gets away and the sheet comes off)

Doughnut: Fellas! Iím up here fellas! He, he, he, he! Over here! Ha, ha, ha, ha! You canít catch me. Missed me, Iím over here. Ha, ha! Missed me, come and get me fellas!

(It appears Doughnut is jumping up and down on the bed - everyone races towards the bed. Scooper leaps on the mattress first trying to grab Doughnut, the others follow.)

Doughnut: Ha, ha! I moved.

Tiger: (Standing inside a stack of tires, pointing) There he is over there!

Doughnut: Iím on the box. Iím invisible. Iím invisible. Ha! You canít see me. Iím invisible. Ha ha! Iím over here fellas!

Tiger: Oh, heís over there now!

Scooper: Sticks heís here somewhere.

Doughnut: Up on the barrel. (knocking on the barrel) Up on the barrel.

Scooper: Close in on him.

Sticks: Whatís the point. He wins every time.

Scooper: No heís not. Heís slower than we are. (Scooper yells "Charge" and they all scramble around very quickly trying to catch him and become exhausted.)

Doughnut: Iím invincible as well as invisible.

Spring: Itís no use. I canít move another step.

Billie: Me neither.

Tiger: You are all exasperated.

Brains: Exhausted.

Tiger: Thatís what I said!

Scooper: What happens now?

Brains: I suspect the government will declare a state national emergency.

Doughnut: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Scooper: Oh, we donít ÖÖ.

(Everyone sees Doughnut reappear. Doughnut who is unaware of this, continues his laughter)

Doughnut: Hey fellas, are you going to try and catch me? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. You canít catch me! You canít catch me!

Tiger: But we can see h... (Scooper puts his hand over Tiger's mouth to keep her quiet.)

Scooper: Ah, Ah, itís um really fantastic isnít it Brains how long that stuff lasts.

Spring: Yes, marvelous.

Scooper: Yea, I mean we still can't see him, can we Tiger?

Doughnut: You canít catch me!

Sticks: Well, we donít want to catch you Doughnut.

Doughnut: Aye?

Scooper: No, we just want to join in the fun donít we fellas? Hmmm.

Billie: Yea, I mean after all it was Brainís invention.

Spring: We should all share in it.

Tiger: Me too.

Sticks: Hey, Iíve got an idea! Letís all go back to the toy shop and watch while Doughnut has some fun with them in there.

Scooper: Great idea, Doughnut! How about it?

Doughnut: Come on, follow me.

Scooper: But Doughnut we canít follow you, Because we canít see you (He winks to the others)

. Doughnut: Of course you canítÖIím over hereÖCome on, Iíll lead you! (Doughnut leads Scooper by the hand everyone else in turn links hands and they happily make their way to the toy shop)

[Next Scene: Doughnut goes into the toy shop, the others are looking through the window from outside. The manager and store clerk are inside the store and Doughnut still thinks heís invisible. Doughnut takes a cricket bat and swats the store clerk's backside. The other kids begin laughing. Doughnut takes a tambourine from the counter and brings it down over the store clerk's head so that heís now wearing it. Doughnut laughs. The manager and the store clerk come after him and blow party favors in his face. ]

Doughnut: But Iím invisible.

Manager & Clerk: Heís invisible (Manager takes other tambourine and brings it down over Doughnut's head) Ha, ha, ha, ha. (The other kids are also laughing outside the shop.)

Doughnut: It was only a joke!

Manager and Clerk: It was only a joke. (They blow party favors in his face again)

Manager: And now Sonny, bend overÖ.Harvey?

Clerk: May I, sir?

Manager: Please do.

Clerk: Thank you.

Manager: And now it is our turn.

Manager and Clerk: A one, two, threeÖ(Together they both swat Doughnutís backside with cricket bats)

[Next Scene: Everyone is aboard the bus and standing beside Doughnut who is yelling in his sleep]

Doughnut: No, no, no. Donít hit me! No!

Scooper: Wake up. Youíre dreaming.

Doughnut: Dreaming?ÖYou meanÖ.Iíve not been invisible?

Scooper: Invisible? What are you talking about?

Doughnut: You mean the jin stuff isnít magic?

Brains: Magic? No, Doughnut, itís real.

Doughnut: Real? Oh well, canít waste good food. (Doughnut continues eating the bowl of green pudding-like food.)

The End

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