Double Deckers Collectables

These are publicity photos distributed by Capitol Records. One of these photos was used as a guide for the lunchbox (notice Doughnut's and Debbie's arms are in different positions on the lunchbox). The other photo was used on the back of their album.

There was a lunchbox and thermos made featuring The Double Deckers. You can buy them from collectors. You can expect to spend anywhere between $20 to $125 depending on its condition.
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  This album contains original music from The Double Deckers including their opening theme song, "Get On Board" It was produced by Capitol Records in 1970 and has a market value of $10-20 (if you can find it!). 
Titles include: "It's a Day and a Half," "To the Countryside," "Good Day at Yellowrock," "With a Bit of Love," "I Gotta Get Through," "Get on Board," "Life is a Wonderful Thing," "Grannies Rocking Chair," "One Man Band," "Welcome to the Party" and "Fat Ladies."

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This book is an authorized edition of the show and titled, "The Double Deckers Annual 1972." The cover says "The riotous adventures of TV's happiest gang" & "Authorised edition based on the popular television series". Printed by World Distributors, this colorful hardcover book is 77 pages in length. Copyright 1972 by 20th Century Fox.

  Left: This is a Double Deckers coloring book. The book came in at least two versions - one with the title in blue and the other in red.

Right: This is a book written by Glyn Jones - who was the script editor for the Double Deckers. This book is owned by Paul Hodgson from the UK.

This is a first day cover signed by Albert himself - Melvyn Hayes.
This was provided by David Noades from the UK.

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