Bruce Clark with his daughter Natalie

A Message from Bruce Clark

I am very glad I have this opportunity to say hello to Double Decker fans. I did not intend to be so difficult to find. Were it not for the concerted efforts of several people - especially Dave Anderson - this opportunity would have never come to pass. I have had the wonderful experience of talking to Douglas, corresponding with Gilli, and listening to some of Brinsley's music. I have really enjoyed the website and (again, thanks to Dave) even got to watch some old episodes on video - something I was never able to do before. The Double Deckers was a fantastic experience for me and the events of late have allowed me to re-live it to some degree. I miss London a great deal and I regret to say I have only been back once since leaving in 1972- and then only for a day. I hope that some day I can go back and see everyone once again. Thanks for your continued support.

Bruce "Sticks" Clark

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