Comments from 8/99 to 12/99

12/99 - Mark writes: I nearly cried with joy when i discovered this treasure. I watched DD when I was a kid. You've made a 30 something very happy.

12/99 - Shane writes: Even after five years on the Net I'm amazed at what I discover such a huge fan base for a show that I assumed had dropped off the face of the earth is nothing short of bewildering.
I live in New Zealand, where I saw the show in the early 70s. The series was shown once, shortly after school hours, and then disappeared, presumably forever. It was a must-see for me back then, but now I have only a couple of memories: there was a character called 'Sticks', and a girl starred as 'Tiger' - her screen credit was immediately followed by a closeup of her beloved toy with the caption 'And TIGER as Tiger'. The only actual show I recall was an 'Alice in Wonderland' episode which contained a line I thought really clever at that impressionable age: The girl who was dreaming she was Alice was being harangued in a trial and she protested "But I haven't done anything". The reply of the judge (or the Queen of Hearts??) was "Haven't done ANYTHING?? Sheer laziness! Off with her head!"
Or something like that. My only other memory was that the show was in black and white - but that's because colour sets in New Zealand at that time were few and far between. I was equally surprised to learn that the show was in colour and that there were only 17 episodes. And yes, I do vaguely recall the Whizzer and Chips Double Deckers strip mentioned by a previous correspondent - I used to have all those comics subscribed.
So there it is. It's been said by others who have written in, but I'll say it again - I haven't heard that cheery, uplifting theme for 25 years. Hearing it again made my eyes mist over. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who remembers this show, even if I'm one of the very very few that remembers it in this country. I review films now, and I'm always searching for those fragments of my childhood that held me in thrall.
Now...does anyone remember another elusive BBC childrens series? It was a six-parter called ESCAPE INTO NIGHT, which I later discovered as a book, 'Marianne Dreams'. It's of personal historical interest, being the one of the first TV shows to ever scare the bejesus out of me. "NOT THE LIGHT! NOT THE LIIIGHHT!"

12/99 - Jon writes: Great site. Wonderful to see so much information on this classic show. I had very fond but vague memories of the show from the early '70's (especially "tiger") - I was born in '67 - and your excellent website brought it all back to me.
I did not realise that the programme was shown in the States too. Do you know of any other children's tv shows that did this?

12/99 - Neil from the UK writes: Used to watch the double deckers every Friday evening at 5.00pm They were replaced by the Banana Splits I think. Brinsleys son lives in Carpenders Park, nr Watford, Herts U.K. . Nice to see the site so popular. Thought I was on my own for remembering it. Good luck... Neil Hamilton

12/99 - A fellow DD fan from the UK writes: Just found your web site.I am pleased that others share my fond memories of this show.My favourite was and is Tiger as she reminds me of my younger sister!I was fortunate to have seen a repeat of the show in my region of the UK a few years ago.Another is long overdue.The page and information is great.Off subject I know but does anyone else think that the B*Witched single Rollercoaster owes more than a little to the Deckers signature theme?

12/99 - Steve from Portland, Oregon, USA writes: Boy, does THIS take me back in time! I was nuts about the Double Deckers and recently made a list of stuff to check via the Net just to see if ANYBODY cared enough to set something up. Thank heavens I remembered how to spell Gillian Bailey's name. This is really, really a pleasure. Thank you very much for your efforts...........
When the DD showed in Portland, Oregon (presumably same for rest of USA), the hot show being pushed was Lancelot Link, a spy spoof featuring primates dressed in clothes with dubbed-in dialogue. The upcoming Saturday shows were introduced in commercials featuring LL, who had a one- or two-sentence blurb to say about the DD, ending with, "Take a bow, Double Deckers," and featuring the film clip of the kids falling backward, probably through the secret passage into the treasure. That got a lot of us interested in the show.
Some of us also were interested just because the kids spoke with those cool British accents we heard come out of the Beatles, Monkees, and so forth. And yes, at 41, I have the theme song permanently etched into my brain, no doubt about it.
Do any of the DD maintain even a PO box for messages from old fans? I ask this with caution, because a lot of formerly famous folks are QUITE happy in new lives without hearing about their pasts, and a lot of the messages are just the you-were-so-cool or I-was-so-in-love-with-you stuff they've heard ad infinitum. Just curious. Naturally, I would think (probably incorrectly) that anything I had to communicate would be uniquely different and well-received. But such is the life of a fan.
I wonder if the same show could even be produced today. People would protest the stereotyping of the hungry chubby kid, the smart kid with glasses, etc., and the whole thing would get deep-sixed by political incorrectness, I'll bet.
Watching DD, I learned that girls' ponytails (Gillian's in this case) could swing side-to-side when they walked straight ahead. That's what knocked me out about her. And Deb Russ' about a winning face. What a grin she had!!
Anyway, American TV is deplorable these days. Somewhere somebody must have master copies of the episodes. ANY way to pry them loose?? What a treasure it would be to have them.

12/99 - Mark from Texas writes: Hello my name is Mark W. and I also enjoyed The delightful show of the short-lived adventures of the double deckers, I only wish that it could be brought back for future generations of new and old fans alike wouldn't that be neat. I am 39 years old and this show remains on the top ten for me . I only wish that I could tell the gang how important it was to me and to wish them all a safe and merry Christmas and you too , and I hope you get everything you want for Christmas, and the gang too your friend Mark, oh I forgot to mention I live in Kilgore, Texas

12/99 - Renee writes:am so glad I found you ... I have been missing The DoubleDeckers and everyone thinks I'm crazy because they've never heard of them ...

12/99 - Peter from the UK writes: David - Is the history of the Double Decker bus itself catalogued somewhere ?It looks as though it was a former London Transport RT type (which one?), that has been doctored at the front and back to resemble a much older model from the 1920's. It would be interesting if you were able to publish some details on your we page on the history of this particular vehicle, both before its use on the programme, its conversion in some detail and its subsequent fate. Indeed, does it still exist? Where ? If this information has been published, I have not seen it.

11/99 - Elwyn from Edinburgh, Scotland writes: Hi Dave, I checked out the website after seeing your letter in the Daily Mail a few days ago - what a find! One of my all time favourite kids programmes, and to this day whenever I get on a double decker - which is unfortunately not that often - I drive my other half mad insisting on singing the theme song - I guess I'm still a kid at heart. I had no idea that the programme was ever shown in the States, but at least it's prompted you to develop the website, and it's provided me with loads of nostalgic fodder. Keep up the good work, Dave.

11/99 - Adrien from the UK writes: Hello from England! A brief question as to whether you know of anywhere in the UK that could help in tracking down video tapes of the programmes?? (Sorry to report that no english version of the Double Deckers currently exists on video. If and when they do I will spread the word. - Dave)

11/99 - Jacqui writes: Hi. I read the article in the Daily Mail (British newspaper). I loved the DD and would love my kids to see it. They don't show it in Britain. Good to hear of others still enjoying the series, and also loved the web site.

11/99 - Trevor from the UK writes: Hi, I am Trevor W. I am 32 live in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, ENGLAND. I can remember watching "DD" well when I was "young". I now work in a hospital and work a few nights. On my nights we talk about children's TV and 70s things that we can remember. Once we talked about DD but we could not remember much about it at all until today. I went to my grans and I was reading the DAILY MAIL newspaper in the questions and answers there was a piece on the Double Deckers including your web page. So as you see I am thrilled to bits. I want to thank you very, very much for all the hard work you have put into it and the joy it has bought me in reading it I cannot wait until I tell my colleagues about it. A real big thank you.

11/99 - Jan from Spain writes: Dear David, I'm sitting here in Spain, while my teenage children do their homework. Have just read the Daily Mail for today, and jumped to connect to the DD site. Immediately I was back in Putney, ten years old, and unable to do anything else constructive until DD was over. I never had brothers or sisters, so I used to pretend that Billie was my big sister. What an amazingly long time ago that was. Thanks for the nostalgia, and keep up the good work.

11/99 - Will from the UK writes: Being born in 1963 I was the ideal age to watch and enjoy this fantastic program and I have fond memories of all the DD gang. I would really like permission for me to put a link to your fabulous Double Deckers webpage. I look forward to hearing from you and my congratulations on a brilliant page.

11/99 - Gareth from the UK writes: Good site! Brings back memories of vacation time tv.

11/99 - Kevin from Melbourne, Australia writes: Hello, Thanks for providing such a great site! I've spent most of the last two days just looking at all the great stuff you have there. I noticed that a few people have commented that they are not sure if DD ever screened in Australia. Well, it did. It is one of only three shows I can vividly remember watching in 1971. The other two being Gerry Anderson's "Thunderbirds" and "Captain Scarlet". So it definitely left an impression on me. The first screening of DD in Australia was in late 1971 and early 1972. It remains one of my fondest memories of those times. The entire series was repeated in 1978-79. The last time it was shown was in January of 1989 but unfortunately only two episodes were used as fill-in's. They were "Star Struck" and "Robbie the Robot". Unfortunately I neglected to tape them. I still hold out hope that it might be shown again but I somehow doubt it. Anyway thanks for such a wonderful site. Hearing the theme song again was simply magic.

11/99 - Darren writes: I have just been browsing on the website its great as a child I loved the programme, I always wanted to know what happened to the stars. Full marks for content is there any chance of getting to know more about the stars. Keep up the good work, I will visit the site regularly.

11/99 - Nigel writes: Hi Dave, after visiting your site, it brought back some great memories of the show and was very enjoyable, keep it going.

10/99 - Jan writes: Brilliant! A Double Deckers website! it's true - everything is out there! Listening to the theme tune really brought back happy memories for me. It was one of my favourite programmes.
cheers to whoever made the website, its very good, I liked the where are they now features. I'll be back for more !!
Jan Coverley (aged 40 and a half)

10/99 - Hillari writes: I watched the Double Deckers as a child; never missed the show. So glad that there is a site devoted to it!

10/99 - ChezGerbz writes: First of all...I LOVED your site. And I thought that I was the only person who fondly remembered this show! Your site brought back some fond memories!
I grew up in London in the late 60s/early 70s, having moved from Pennsylvania. I attended the American School of London (ASL) with Bruce Clark while he was filming "The Double Deckers". In fact, he frequently used to come over to my home in Kensington after school. I have school yearbooks from this period with pictures of Bruce, and promise to invest in a scanner soon & get them to you. I too am dying to know "where is he now".

10/99 - Tim writes: It only seems like yesterday that i sat in on a saturday mornings to watch double deckers. You have made me feel so much younger, thank you.........

10/99 - Alfran writes: alain 33 ans depuis le temps que je cherche !!! bravo et merci !!!

9/99 - Dom writes: Great site - it brought loads of wonderful memories - esp the theme song.
"Sticks" was always my favourite as the epitome of cool (well he seemed like it when I was eight! ), but I can't remember whether it was a Saturday morning show or a weekday teatime one?

9/99 - Ray writes: I have been looking for something on th Double Deckers for ages. What a shock to hear the theme tune again!!...Ii just sent the url to a friend of mine who is mad about 70's childrens tv...

9/99 - Bill writes:The other day for some reason I remembered The Double Deckers so I decided to look it up on the Internet, and your site certainly answers just about any question that I or anyone else could possibly ask about the show. If I come across any more info or pics I will be in touch, but for now all I can send you are my best wishes.
Best Wishes....
PS. There is an amusing song called 'Double Decker Dog' which I believe is by Kevin (Bloody) Wilson, but that's a different matter !

9/99 - Miranda writes: Ho boy. What larks to find this site. I remember all of them, especially the little girl with the tiger and the brainy one.

8/99 - Sandra from the US writes: Great site :) After watching the first episode my friends and I tried our best to speak with heavy British accents...which sounded pretty interesting due to the fact that our " Southern " accents were so thick. Thanks for the fond memories.

8/99 - Pete writes: What a classic. Your a gem. Keep up the good work.

8/99 - Renee writes: I just wanted to say that for YEARS I have been asking people "do you remember that show about the kids who would meet on a double-decker bus?" and I would be met with blank stares. I was just surfing around and stumbled upon your website. I feel sooooo happy that I really didn't just dream this show after all!!! Thank you so much!

8/99 - Tim writes: I love the site! I am 33 and my brothers and I had many happy memories watching the show when we were kids! My brother had a crush on 'Tiger'! Mind you I had one on 'Billie!' They do not make kids programmes like they used to! Just found the site whilst I was surfing the net! Keep up the good work! I am sure if they repeated it on TV my niece and nephew would love it!

8/99 - Stephanie writes: This is pretty wild that anyone else came up with this site-I haven't thought about this show in years-and then I just thought I'd plug it in and see what came up- All I could remember was a heavy set kid, a 'cute' kid named Scooter (which I see was really Scooper) and of course the bus-but I think I may have been too enthralled with the Brady Bunch,Partridges, and Nanny and the Professor to pay more attentionto this show.

8/99 - Jeremy from the US writes: Hello David...mark me down as one with a crush on Tiger when I watchedas a wee boy in England. I live in Florida (USA) now and much has happened in my life, but for some reason that programme has always stuck in my mind. great site. One small suggestion: the other e-mails often mention cast member info, e.g. the two films Debbie Russ made, and the fact that Brinsley Forde is now host of Heart of Soul on VH-1. would be useful to add these tidbits to the cast member info, especially in debbie's case since there isn't much on her. I hope someone makes her aware of your site and she updates you on her life now. A recent photo would be great too! Cheers and thanks for helping so many of us go down memory lane.

8/99 - Tim from the UK writes: Just found your site for the first time...great stuff. I especially enjoyed listening to the song again, I was only 5 or 6 first time round but the first few notes brought it all back!
Anyway you may be interested in the following page on my site: I wasn't aware of your site when I put this together a couple of months ago...I'll put a link on when I get chance.

8/99 - Rob from the UK writes: Have just discovered your DD website - it's first class!
I have a couple of bits of info for you on the series:
1) I had the pleasure of meeting Melvyn Hayes last March. He was in attendance at the Memorabilia '99 convention in Birmingham, England with one of his daughters. He was signing photographs for charity - and one of the photos just happened to be a behind-the-scenes shot from DD!

I asked him about the series, and he said he had a marvellous time making it. When the rights to remake it were bought up by a production company a few years ago, he offered his services as a consultant, but he heard nothing more. He also would like to see the episodes released on video, but he thinks that side of things is all tied up with the remake deal.

(Melvyn is best known in the UK (to non-DD buffs anyway!) for his role as Bombadier 'Gloria' Beaumont in IT AIN'T HALF HOT MUM, a sitcom set in WW2 India. These have just started coming out on video in the UK. Melvyn can also be spotted as the young Baron Frankenstein in Hammer's CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, and in the body-snatching tale THE FLESH AND THE FIENDS, both with Peter Cushing. He tends to work mainly in the theatre now, appearing as Pantomime Dame around the country at Christmas, but does make the odd cameo appearance on TV (the sitcoms THE THIN BLUE LINE and DRESSING FOR BREAKFAST being just two recent examples). He is married to actress Wendy Padbury (ex-Dr Who assistant).

2) You may not be aware of this, but the DDs had their own two-page cartoon strip for a year, in a British comic called 'Whizzer and Chips' from 22 May 1971 to 13 May 1972. Drawn by artist Roy Davis, each week's episode would feature the gang in a typical escapade, which closely followed the format of the TV series. Although the comic didn't have the rights to portray the faces of the actors concerned, the individual shapes and sizes of each character were more or less adhered to. This gave the series a little extra boost in terms of its popularity, and certainly kept my nine-year-old self e from cancelling my order for the comic at my local newsagents until the strip had run its course.

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