Comments from 1997

12/97 - Dave in Birmingham, UK: Well done for keeping the site. I'm organising an early 70s TV quiz for our staff party.

12/97 - Jason from Australia writes: Wow, Great site, I was searching for the whereabouts of Billie Hayes (Witchipoo in Puf'n'stuff) and I found your page. What a nostalgia trip. A brilliant show, really well put together. I grew up on it in England before my parents emigrated to Australia in 1976. Great site, I'll come and visit again. Hope you get some contact from cast members. I've been working in the film business since we emigrated and having just read the credits have realised that I have worked with the camera operator of the show, John Winbolt, who has retired to live here. I've no idea of his whereabouts but if I have any luck finding him Ill tell him about the site. He was the most wonderful operator I've ever worked with and had also done numerous Bond films, "You Only Live Twice", "Diamonds Are Forever", etc. Cheers.

12/97 - Anthony from Los Angeles writes: I was pleased to find your site. Back home in England in the 1970's, I used to watch The Double Deckers avidly as I was hopelessly in love with Gillian Bailey! In fact, it was while remembering this and searching for information on her that I came across your site. I'd sure be interested to know how she's doing and I'll be checking the site often to see if any information pops up.

11/97 - Colin from Seattle writes: Great Double Deckers site - was amazed to find one. My name is Colin from Edinburgh and I moved to Seattle in 1990. I have very fond memories of The Double Deckers and actually recall Jane Seymour's appearance as Alice in Wonderland. My most vivid memory is an episode called "Tiger Takes Off" where Tiger goes whizzing around town in a go-kart, unable to stop. I have no idea why the subtitle stays with me, it just has all those years. I recall also that Gillian Bailey had a recurring role in the old Yorkshire TV show "Follyfoot", made a couple of years after DD, and that her character's name was Callie. Another Gillian (Blake) was the star of that show as Dora. I remember seeing Debbie Russ in something else around that time but cannot for the life of me remember what. I may have to go on a hypnotist's couch! I am so glad to know that there are other fans out there. I have added your site to my favourites list and will revisit frequently for updates.

11/97 - Jaq from the UK writes: I LOVE this site......I've been looking for DD stuff for ages, and now at last I've found it!!! It's Bookmarked and I'll be back!! Thanks for a great site!!!!

11/97 - Barrie from the UK writes: Excellent page. Some time ago, probably around summer 96, a Radio Merseyside (BBC) presenter whose name escapes me discovered the DD album and began using the theme tune on her show. From this, someone who knew Debbie Russ's agent put them in touch and Debbie's agent was interviewed on the stage. It seems she is a radio DJ in Japan and was supposed to do a live link up with the BBC show which crashed because of tech problems. And that, I am afraid, is all I can remember. Still, a call to the station in Liverpool might get you somewhere. [Note: Thanks Barrie, for the tip. I'll check it out and get back to everybody]

11/97 - Today, after over 25 years I finally got to see the episode again where Doughnut becomes invisible. I will be working to make a transcript of this show and put it on the web, perhaps video capture some of the scenes to also show. The episode title is "The Case of the Missing Doughnut"

11/97 - Paul from Liverpool writes: Excellent site! Full of useful information, brings back lots of memories. Keep up the good work. Do you know what Gillian Bailey is up to these day's? We where talking about her in the pub a few weeks ago (we all had the "hots" for her). Thanks again for a wonderful memory jerker..

11/97 Michael writes: Thanks for the info. I was always wondering about this sitcom. I was only 9 at the time.

10/97 - Jason writes: Hey! I'm in a Ska band called The Double Deckers. I was born in 1977, and therefore have no recollection of the TV show, but I thought it was cool that there was a show and a web page devoted to The Double Deckers!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! I'm going to try and check out the show, and hey...maybe we'll cover the Theme Song!!! Check out our web page!....Jason...The Double Deckers

10/97 - Mr. Douglas Simmonds (aka Doughnut) from the original Double Deckers TV show recently paid a visit to this site! Apparently this site's URL address was given to him by a university pal of his who found us. Doug subsequently sent me an e-mail and told me what he's been up to. In an earlier comment listed below we were told The Double Deckers made a recent appearance on French TV. Doug wasn't able to make it to the reunion due to work commitments. However, Doug has kept in touch with fellow cast members, recently meeting with Gillian, Michael and Debbie. Doug is alive and well in the UK. ...And now are you ready for some more exciting news?...Take a deep breath ....Try to remain calm... Hopefully you'll soon be seeing some exciting photos of the Double Deckers provided by the big-hearted Double Decker himself. Read more about what Douglas Simmonds has been up to under "Where Are They Now?"

10/97 - Tim writes: ....Many thanks and well done - I am now a happy surfer. I will keep popping back to your site - it is surprising how many memories it has rekindled - esp the synopsis of the 'Doughnut being invisible' episode, and the photos. All the best.

10/97 - Ellis from Salt Lake City writes: I used to love the show! I had the lunch box back in '72 (Took me about 2 weeks to break the glass thermos). I wish I had more to offer you about the show, but I was about 8 years old at the time. I vaguely remember the hovercaft show, and thinking it was really funny at the time. If you ever find someone with an episode, let me know! I've often thought I was the only one to remember this show!

10/97 J. writes: Hi, I'm J, and a big fan of Double Deckers. Though I'm living in Georgia now I'm from Korea and I loved to watch the show in early 1980's.. (must've been a rerun or..) I tried to get some information from the internet only to I've found one finally!!!! I'm so happy to listen to that opening song again.. I can't believe I am "literally" listening the song!!!! what a joy.. :> I'm trying to find the original soundtrack LP.. I can't forget many of the songs from the show, especially the "Fat Lady" song..In Korea the songs were translated and sung in Korean by Korean singers, but the original melodies were not changed.. (which is why I'm trying to find the LP) If you have any information, please help me and let me know.. :) and I hope this site will stay forever on the web..Thank you for your work. I'm so happy to see those 7 guys again..(Note: I suggested J contact California Albums to bid on the album over the web as I did. Good Luck, J)

10/97 - Jed writes: Of course it had to be done, and the world is forever in your debt! I seem to remember watching the show only a handful of times, but of course that was enough to lodge it in my brain just enough to remember slightly, but not enough to recall it clearly. Your website helped bring it back a bit. Thanks!

10/97 - Here is a fun memory of "The Double Deckers" recently found on the web: "There was like a bank safe type of door the kids would open to get into the bus, and they had to slide or push one of the planks of the fence out of the way to get into the yard. They had these plastic like hamster toobs that they would shoot messages through to get to different parts of the fenced in yard that the bus was stored in. There was a little genius kid who once built a hovercraft."

10/97 - After doing a little checking I found there was an episode of the Double Deckers played over the air last year at a TV station somewhere in the eastern United States. For those who got to see and/or tape it, it was the episode where Doughnut became invisible and created quite a panic inside a bakery. To my knowledge this was the only episode they played. There have been reports other episodes found and recorded, but as yet have been unable to verify. I'd like to chat with whoever may have other episodes. E-mail me! Interest in the DDs is picking up across the web. This site was also recently added as a link in TV Toys.They have a cool site. You may want to check them out. Lots of fun stuff!

10/97 - Peter A. writes: Aaaargh ....I just found your Double Deckers Home Page..... Childhood flashback overload...... Yes, we got the DD's in Australia also......I have to admit that I must have only seen it for the first time in '76. (Probably repeats.) Does anyone recall the episode Tiger got in control of the big four poster bed which had been converted to a hovercraft? Classic stuff. It's nice to know that I wasn't the only one who recalls this program...Keep up the good stuff.

9/97 - Rebecca sent us some fine pictures.

9/97 - From a recent UK magazine article (provided by Yves...Thank You!):

"Unforgettable * The Double Deckers" See Photo Page!
"Total recall: Knockabout school-hols comedy with innocent, robbery-foiling Children's Film Foundation feel which was actually commissioned by American giant ABC but set in idealized, Cocknee-speakinq London. First shown on BBC1 in 1971, its 17 episodes were endlessly repeated.
In a nutshell: The titular Deckers were a teenage gang of seven whose secret base was a tire-strewn scrap yard containing an out-of-service London bus, 'converted' into an HQ. Bash Street-style; the septet included: a fatone, Doughnut (Douglas Simmonds), a bespectacled boffin; Brains (Michael Audreson),, a sexy leader, Scooper (played by future screen thesp Peter Firth, of Letter To Brezhnev and Aces High) ; a tomboy Billie (Gillian Bailey); a token Yank, the tub-thumping Sticks (Bruce Clark); a token black kid Spring (Brinsley Forde, now, incredibly, leader of reggae superstars Aswad); and a cute "little sis", Tiger (Debbie Russ). Oh, and Melvyn Hayes - later Gloria in It Ain't Half Hot Mum - played Albert, their roadsweeper grown-up confidant.
Was it any good? It was if you dug slapstick, as the team's crazy adventures often involved dim-witted adults falling into water, getting covered in paint, ending up in "quick drying" cement, or - in the episode in which Doughnut eats some jelly that contains invisible potion- fighting in a cake shop. Plenty of unsubtle sound FX ("BOING ! CUCK-OO !") and speeded up chasing just about made it a lively show, and inappropriate US involvement was only detectable in the episode featuring a frankly curious Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In spoof.Need to know: The series was created by producer Roy Simpson and director Harry Booth, who'd also worked on Danger Man, The Protectors and The Avengers (and Booth directed the On The Buses films)
........Andrew Collins"

8/97 - Luis writes: I live in Venezuela and I used to watch The Double Deckers quite a few years ago (I'm 29 now). I loved the show and I would like to know if you have the opening theme (Get on Board) in a .wav format or similar and if you could send it to me. I have been trying to find that one for years, but no luck yet! (Note: The theme song is now available. You need to download file and run it using RealPlayer. The free player is available from

8/97 - Paul writes: Hi, Just to say that I was browsing your page and it looks very interesting."Here Come the Double Deckers" was my favourite Saturday morning show when I was a kid and I haven't seen it since, almost to the point that I was wondering if it was just a figment of my imagination. I'm happy to see that I wasn't imagining it.

8/97 - There was a record album produced in 1971 by Capitol Records entitled, "The Double Deckers", containing recordings from the original TV program. The series number of the album is ST-672. (Note: I bought this album from "California Albums" via the web - check them out!)

8/97 - I was advised by Yves of Brussels, Belgium that the original cast of "Here Come the Double Deckers" made a recent reunion appearance on French TV. They sang their popular theme song,"Get On Board."

8/97 - From the UK, Gerry checked with the BBC and there are no videos available for this show. (Note: If I find someone has it, I will of course let you know. I will be checking with Fox Television, the company who distributed the program in the USA.)

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