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3/02 Helen from the UK writes: Hello, didnt have time to scroll through all your pages - saw your site mentioned in web user magazine - what a walk down memory lane - loved the show, when I saw it in the mag it made me feel all gooey in side - I must admit I was pretty young when it was on but it still brings back a nice feeling - keep up the good work. Next time I will be spending more time on the site.

3/02 Mick from the US writes: I didn't know if you are aware but I just had the great privledge of hearing Brinsley Forde's first radio show!!!!
The new BBC 6 Music launched this Monday. He is doing a 1 hour reaggie show on Saturdays and repeated Sundays. He's on Sats from 1100-1200 UTC (5am-6am CT ) but is repeated on Sunday 1700-1800 UTC (11am-12pm CT )
(Btw, Suggs of Madness has his own Ska show on right after Brinsley from 1200-1500 Saturdays)
He's good, knows his stuff and is playing one HELL OF A CATALOG!
for more info, go to:
The station is available via Real Audio. I'll warn you up front, you will want Broadband for this. 56K just dosen't do it justice.

3/02 Mike from the US writes: I just wanted to say how pleased I was to find this web site! I couldn't remember the show's name and I looked for it on the web a few years back, but could never find anything. My sisters and I loved this show as kids (I was 8 when it came out). We used to watch it in Los Angeles in the early 1970's. I saw the page of the collectibles and it really took me back. I had the coloring book as a kid and your image really brought back some fond memories. I must confess that I also had a wicked crush on Debbie Russ (Tiger)!!!! Glad to see that everyone from the series is doing well. Nice job with the web page.

2/02 Stephen writes: I enjoyed your Double Deckers web site. I've been a fan of the show ever since a British friend sent me video copies of the show several years ago. Could you please tell me how I might contact Brinsley Forde who played Spring on the show. He's now a reggae star, formerly of the disbanded group Aswad. Thanks for your kind assistance.

2/02 Nathalie writes: When I was about 6 years old I was so in love with Scooper that I wrote him a love letter at the BBC and asked him for a photo. I received a very sweet letter, sadly not from Peter himself, thanking me for my letter and enclosing a photo of all of the Double Deckers, which I stil have framed on my wall...... Years later I was watching a play called 'The Flip Side of Dominic Hyde' and lusting after the main character, feeling that I had seen him somewhere before...... it was Peter Firth. He was then in 'Tess' which is not only my favourite Hardy novel what I consider to be the best English novel. I feel that we are destined to meet one day!!!

1/02 Frank writes: My name is Frank Pilato and I am a Double Deckers fan too. I remember watching it on Saturday mornings. I loved the beginning when the kids were riding the bus and singing their catchy little theme song. I was fourteen when the show premiered and I think I was fourteen when it went off the air. Unfortunately, there weren't very many eps produced. I think I read that there were only 17 episodes. Too bad. I am so glad I'm not the only person who remembers this little gem of a show. I was thrilled when I discovered your site. I listened to your radio interview on your site and it was fun to reminisce. Just for the record, I did sign the petition about bringing the show to home video. I would love to see the Double Deckers again. I would love adding this classic children's show to my classic TV library. This is a tall order, but if this series went to home video, wouldn't it be great to have interviews of the kids (today) discussing an episode we're about to watch. Thanks again for remembering this sweet show.

1/02 David writes: Hi - the site is too good for words; unbelievable, invaluable research and blissful nostalgia. You might know this by now but there's some pontification about where the comic strips are originally from from one of your correspondents. They're from a British comic weekly called Whizzer and Chips, early 70's, and were, indeed, originally printed as 'The Double Deckers'. Sorry if this info is elsewhere on the site.

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