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4/01 - Joe writes: Boy, am I glad I found this webpage! I remember being a fan too many years than I care to admit ago and would love to hear all up-to-date information on the DDs, including adding my name to a preservation drive if one exists. E-mail me anytime with anything you have to offer. You kids are the greatest!!! P.S Did Brains and Tiger tie the knot in reality (In later years)? (Note: No they didn't.)

3/01 - Robert from London writes: I had forgotten the Double Deckers show - I am 35 years old, but when the Irish girl band 'Bewitched' did a song alled 'Rollercoaster', they nicked the chorus, and that old tune and the show came flooding back. I would like to see a cable channel run the shows again in the UK - I think kids today still would enjoy the format and colourful characters and Mums and Dads would also re-enjoy the cast. Good luck in getting it produced to video format.

3/01 - Terry from the UK writes: I have one very distinct memory from double Decker's, which was the episode (12) where brains fiddled with the TV. As a kid of 11 I saw this episode, and with an interest in electronics I was so impressed by brains fiddling with a old TV, I asked my dad to take me to the local dump and get a old TV to play with, which he did, but he did not let me plug it in, so therefore I just took it apart!. This one visit, led to many other trips to the dump over the next two years to get old TV's and Radio's to fiddle with. I am now a fully qualified Electronics design engineer (Brains), and maybe the Double Decker's played small part in my future.......

3/01 - Rob from High Wycombe, Bucks, England writes: Thanks for all the hard work you've put into producing the DD website. I found it by accident (or should that be serendipity), while downloading the BBC Kids webpage. Question :So what does the Double Deckers mean to me ? Answer : Saturday mornings at the age of four (possibly slightly older when/if the series was repeated) watching BBC1 children's programmes 'Banana Splits', 'Double Deckers', and of course 'Dr. Who' in the evenings. I remember having a sort of toddlers crush on Billie, so it was great to read Gilli's synopsis of her career. I am now 35 yrs myself, and spend a great deal of time working as a human palaeontologist. As for Peter (Scooper) Firth, as a Sci-fi fan, I remember him starring as the time traveller called Dominic in a couple of BBC special programmes. I had forgotten Melvyn Hayes was in the programme. He is currently on the U.K. Gold channel starring in repeats of 'It Ain't Half Hot Mum, as Gloria. I won't bore you further, but thanks again for stirring some buried memories. Good luck in the future with this website, Long live the DD.

3/01 - Mark writes: I wish to extend to you my highest compliments for a bodacious website about a favorite TV show. I do believe that it planted the seeds of loving British TV programs, from Monty Python to The Vicar of Dibley. Although I do not stand when Rule Britania is played, I have pretty much developed into an Anglophile. One question remains - why did the cast include a "Token American"? I have nothing against the existance of Sticks on the show, but I am curious as to why, and what was the story behind his character. Was he the American relative of one of the other characters, or was his family in England because of the dad's employer? I hope the answers exist.

3/01 - Tom from Seattle, Washington, USA writes: Thank you for creating this site. For years, I have been asking my friends if they remember "a Saturday morning kids TV show with a bunch of kids who lived in an old garage with a hovercraft and in one episode one of them hit his head and hallucinated the Queen of Hearts scene from Alice Through the Looking Glass." My friends usually looked at me like I was insane. In truth, I only half-believed that the show really existed; I was beginning to believe that it was simply a dream (nightmare?) I had had as a child that I was mistaking for a memory.

3/01 - Jeff from Melbourne, Australia writes: Hello... I have just been blown away by the memories your site has dredged up. Like others, I've been trying to find information about the DoubleDeckers, especially Debbie Russ, since I was very young. One of your contributors stated that HCTDDs wasn't shown in Australia until 1983 but I can say with absolute certainty that I watched it while growing up in Melbourne somewhere between '73 and '76. I never saw the '83 rerun and only a few people I know even remember the show but the ones who did, loved it as kids. Please try your hardest to obtain a photo of Debbie now for your site. I'd love to see how she turned out. Thanks very much for the great memories.

3/01 - Cindy writes: I am thrilled....I sit here amazed!!!!All these years I have asked so many people if they remember the show...I statred to think i dreamed the whole thing....WOW!!! Thank you for the blast from the past past the theme song made me feel like a kid again.

3/01 - Julian writes: Greetings...I would love to see Double Deckers on tv again! Something to bring back memorys.

2/01 - Angela writes: I couldn't believe it when I found your web site!! The DD's was my absolute favourite programme way back in the 70's!! I think I must have been about 6 or 7 when I first saw the programme! This certainly brings back great memories - and don't they all look so young on the photo on your home page!!!!! Of course, here in England Peter Firth is quite a familiar face to TV but none of the other members of the cast have been seen much on TV at all! I remember seeing Gillian Bailey in 'The Witches Daughter' and another children's serial (can't remember the name!) but that's about it. It's good to know they are all doing so well in their current careers! The DD's has been shown on TV since they first appeared, but not recently. I think it may be rather tame for todays kids!!!! It would be great to see a re-run someday soon! Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed your website and will certainly return here again!

2/01 - Steve from the UK writes: Hi there, a note to update your comic section....those strips you have printed aren't Austrailian, they in fact are reprints from a UK comic...I'm unable to give you the title of the publication, though I'm sure the strip was indeed called 'The Gang' and had no obvious reference to the TV title...a UK comics site may shed better light on this, my first thought was a mag called Look In, but I'm sure it was just in a regular comic...Look In, you see was a TV based mag/comic. Anyway, just a little info to help you.......why not check with a cast member, they're older than me and their memories will be better...probably!!!! Nice site, well done,.....I've read a comment from the finder of these strips he mentions Cheeky magazine...well in the Uk we had a kids comic called Cheeky Weekly...might be this, though it could be any of the ones produced by IPC comics, the publishers of this title and many others.....good luck.

2/01 - Mark from the UK writes: Hi and thanks for evoking many happy memories of the double deckers - your web page is excellent.Do you have any idea where I can find UK versions on video or dvd of the show or american american as my video will play these....Thanks again for a great site.

2/01 - Peter from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA writes: Everybody I ever talked to doesn't remember the show, but finally I have proof of it's existence! Keep up the good work, maybe someday we'll get video to show my kids.

2/01 - Simon writes: Did you know that the first episode of "Screen Test" (Michael Rodd- kids series)had a location visit to the set on Double Deckers"? I know the BBC usually keep hold on "Ist episodes" so you may be in luck. Think it was 1968.

2/01 - Alison writes: Hi there. I am thrilled and amazed to know about this web site, which was passed along to me by a friend. I'm an American that was living in London when the show was on the air, and Bruce Clark went to my school. Naturally, I had a huge crush on him--I was in second or third grade. At the school where we went, you had to line up in chairs in the school lunchroom to wait for the school bus (vans, really) to pick us up according to our neighborhood. My row of chairs was right behind Bruce's and I tried everything to get his attention. One day my friends dared me to kiss him while waiting for the bus. And, just as his bus was called and he got up to go, I did. It was the first time I ever blushed and no doubt the biggest. We moved back to the States in 1972 too. I have always wondered what happened to him and to all the gang from Double Deckers. It was my favorite show and I have the soundtrack record, which I guard with my life!

2/01 - Andy writes: Has to be the funniest site on the net I've seen for a while - the DD theme tune cracks me up and gave me a flashback to my childhood days.

1/01 - Frank writes: Thank god this site exists,I have spent hours trying to jump start a memory in friends minds about The Double Decker's without any success (often questioning my own sanity on whether this was a childhood fantasy) until I found your site.The problem now is becoming obsessed with finding a rocordings of the show to watch and relive those moments of sure pleasure. Can you help me?

1/01 - Peter writes: Enjoyed your website. Am I right in thinking that there was a band called "Flintlock" who appeared on the show occasionally? Any info on them? Kind regards from sunny Brighton.

1/01 - Lee and Sharon from Wiltshire, England writes :..We have just come back from a holiday in Tenerife over the New year period. Whilst sitting in the Bar of our holiday complex, in walked a guy I instantly recognised as Brinsley Forde. We all got chatting and now Brinsley has a Bar out in Tenerife called Raggamuffins. It is in Playa Los Americas down on the front near the area known as Veronicas. Needless to say, Brinsley invited us down for a drink, which we duly did. We had a great time with him whilst he told us of some of his historical exploits in the TV,Film and Music industries. He currently has his own Reggae show on the radio out there Oasis 101m on a monday night He is a genuinely modest person ,given the number of successful careers that he has had. We visited a second time to his bar with some friends, the guys hospitality is entirely genuine. Hope this helps you to keep tabs on where they are now. Let everybody know that Raggamuffins is a great night out if they go to Tenerife. Brinsley is always there [except mondays-thats Radio show night]

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