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6/00 - Marv from the UK writes: Hi, Dave. I'm a feature writer on the Birmingham Evening Mail newspaper in England and I've just interviewed Douglas Simmonds for a 'Where Are They Now' story. Douglas is hoping to visit Birmingham later in the week to be photographed but if he doesn't make it would it be OK for us to download his picture from your site? I'll mention the site in the piece, if that's OK with you.

6/00 - Marv from the Des Moines, Iowa, USA writes: Well, I now have proof the the show actually existed. None of my friends could seem to remember this wonderful show, but I did. From what I can remember, it was on for a short time in my area (Des Moines, Ia) in the early 70s. The only things that I could remember was that there were a bunch of english kids who lived in a double decker bus, a kid named "Sticks", some kids driving around in go carts (Flora seems to have stuck in my mind) and a black kid. At the time, I wanted to be him, since I too am black. It was also cool to find out that he is the lead singer of Aswad. Anyway, I have no idea what triggered my memory of that show recently, but it made me smile.
Keep up the good work!

6/00 - John writes: Hi, just seen your website. I am 35. Great prog wasn't it. Thanks for the fascinating info on prog. Bye for now.

6/00 - Sean writes: What can I say, the Double Deckers on a Saturday morning (for me the best time of the week). Not only good clean fun but the best theme tune ever to grace childrens television. After twenty odd years I'm proud to say I got all the words of the song correct, and to see them in black and white brought back all the joy the Double Deckers gave me in the tender years of my youth. Now all the childrens television as lost that innocence and slapstick fun of shows like the Double Deckers.

6/00 - Ray from Atlanta, Georgia, USA writes: Oh my gawd!!! I've been try to find out about "Here Come the Double Deckers" for like 30 years! This is truly incredible. This is like a religious experience to me(sad isn't it?) How can I ever repay you?...

6/00 - Pete writes: Just a line to say it brought back good memories and its nice to see the gang...

6/00 - David from the UK writes: Fantastic site!!!!! You've made an old git very happy. Cheers.

6/00 - Lloyd writes: Hi my dear friend, I am 39 next week and you have just given me the best birthday present I could expect. For years I have been mentioning the Double Deckers to my work colleagues and they all have blank faces. At last you have provided me with proof. Can I please have your permission to print a few images and perhaps the Theme to show what great Kids TV they have been missing ?
Thanks for making a young at heart Englishmen very happy! Cheers.

5/00 - Mark from the UK writes: What a superb site!
I'm glad to see from the comments that I'm not the only 30 something to go all misty eyed upon hearing the signature tune for the first time in over 25 years! Every night so far this week I have stayed late just so that I could play it at full blast in an empty office.
My own recollection of the show is of just starting school and having a love of London Double Decker buses, being that I was born and bred in the capital of England. Each week I made sure that I was nowhere else but in front of the telly as this show was due to start. It's the first programme that I knew the viewing times of and would scream like a banshee if anyone to turn the channels whilst I was watching it. It also gave me my first ever crush in the form of Tiger. I remember the wink that she gave the camera at the beginning of the show would make me go weak at the knee! I loved the slapstick and as an aspirant fatty with a large appetite for sweet things I would empathise with the ongoing plight of Doughnut (nice to see the English spelling!)
Such was my developing obsession with the show (one that this website has rekindled) that I even dreamt that I had joined the gang, The boys were reluctant to accept me but I had the formidable Tiger with her soft toy as weaponry to protect me from them. I woke not only devastated to find that it had all been a dream, but crueller still, more in love with Tiger than ever! (I noticed one contributor to this site spoke of his love for Billie and wanted you to forward a message to her. I'm not going to go that far, but I would really appreciate it if you could forward this e-mail to Debbie just to so that I can wish her well and let her know of the effect that she had on the developing emotions of a shy and sensitive 5 year old!)
Another thing that appealed to me so much about the show was that I developed a fascination with playing the drums and I am quite sure that Sticks was a big influence on me in this respect. This was something that has stayed with me all of my life. Indeed a few years ago I was able to afford my first drum kit and have been playing regularly ever since.
It must be pointed out that the show had some political sensitivities as well. Springs inclusion in the gang must have made it one of the first examples of racial integration amongst young teenagers, and where prior to this had we ever seen girls accepted as equals in a predominantly male environment? (I do however recall Tiger being the dogsbody which was probably why she resorted to violence on many occasions. Since then I have always had a weakness for feisty women!)
The website is simply great. I shall be paying it frequent visits in the hope that news will filter through of video releases. I have carried out some investigations of my own and like many of my fellow contributors to your web site I have encountered nothing but dead ends. I shall continue with my efforts and will personally give you any help that you need with your own quest on the other side of the pond.....
In the meantime I would like to thank yourself and all others that made this shrine to one of the greatest cult TV kids programmes possible.

5/00 - Julie from the UK writes: Thankyou so much for a wonderful site (sight!!!) I loved this show so much and wish very much that I could see all the episodes again. Can you get it on video? Anyway it's been a real pleasure, many thanks and best wishes, Julie x x (keep up the good work).

5/00 - Helen and Phil from the UK write: What a wonderful web-site. I loved the dd's when I was a kid. Fab!! I especially wanted to own a double decker bus of my own, Routemaster of course! - Helen
DD's are so cool - Phil

5/00 - Linda writes: I can't believe I found this website. I remember waking up on Saturdays mornings and watching the Double Decker kids. This website brings back such fond memories. I even downloaded the Double Decker theme song and printed out the words so I can sing along. Are there more websites about the Double Decker London bus? Please write back and tell me if there are. PS. I once had the Lunchbox but my mother threw it out.

5/00 - Graham writes: Your British visitors may be interested to know, that another clasic cult programme that Gillian featured in was the first ever episoide of "Blakes 7" on the BBC, where she played a freedom fighter, killed in the latter stages. I remember saying at the time, thats Billie from the DDs, and my recent aquisition of the video, confirms this.

5/00 - Suzanne from the UK writes:I would love to get hold of some copies of the original series. I live in Scotland and continually scour the shops in the childrens' section, but they do not seem to have been released. Could anyone help me find some? (Note: Sorry to say that the DD has not yet been released on video (except a limited release in french a few years ago). If and when it does I will let you know how you can get your copy.)

5/00 - Dave from Naperville, Illinois writes:Dave........Unreal........this sight has taken me back!! The theme song crops in to my head every now and then and to find it here was amazing. I actually still had most of it right. I'm 36 now, but I remember the show so clearly; though I thought there were more episodes. I think it probably ran in reruns for a year or two after the original run. I particularly remember watching it on Sunday mornings in Chicago. Anyway.......thanks again for the site.......keep it up and running!!

4/00 - Paul from the US writes: Hi, I'm Paul from the USA. I can't believe I finally re-discovered the Double Deckers! No one here in the States seems to remember this show - it was opposite a very popular Saturday morning cartoon, and I thought I would go crazy trying to find anyone who remembered it. Imagine a web site devoted to it! Thanks for so many wonderful memories - as soon as I saw the cast photo, all the vague memories sharpened into focus. England was a very exotic place in 1971 for a farmkid from Ohio; I spent many a happy Saturday morning watching the show. Thanks again!

4/00 - A DD fan writes: I have not seen the Double Deckers since 1970,71, I was 7 years old and I love the show and I would love to see it again, do you know if there is any on video tape, anyway thank you for your web site.

4/00 - Bertrand writes: Hi, I would like thank your for your site about "The Double Deckers" ("L'Autobus à impérial" in French), I'm french and when I was young it was my favourite TV film. Best regards.

4/00 - Glen from Scotland, UK writes: Hi, I couldn't believe it when I came across this website, it is fantastic. It was great to see all the Double Decker stuff again after so long. Until I found the site, the 'legendary' Double Deckers was just a distant memory from when I was about six years old... what nostalgia! Hearing the Double Deckers song again after something like thirty years was absolutely fantastic (the funny thing was that I remembered the words!). As a kid I loved the programme and thought that the gang used to have really great fun and adventures. What great times.

4/00 - Les from the UK writes: Hi! My God, the Memories have come flying back tonight, I used to watch this show as a kid, It was FAB. Thanks for the brilliant site, and for bringing the memories flooding back. All the best and Thanks again.

4/00 - Chris from the UK writes: Love the DD site, just watched ITV's "After They Were Famous", did you see it? Anyway prompted me to visit TV Cream which led me to your site. Your site's great.

4/00 - John from the UK writes: Wow you've taken me back to a far less complicated phase of my life that I enjoyed immencely and as a fat kid myself it was great seeing Donut on screen, thanks for the trip down memory lane.

3/00 - Simon from the UK writes: How weird is this. I am 34. when I was 9, I watched DD and loved it. then I went to school. then I went to college. Then I got a job as a sound engineer. Eventually - a few months ago - I got a job doing a short film for a man called michael. his face looked strangely familiar. The film was very funny. We went out for beers and talked about what we used to do. He said "I used to be in a programme called Double Deckers". O mi god. I was in a pub with Brains. He is a great bloke. The film is called " The Man Who Could Read Minds". It will be big.

3/00 - Bruce writes: Thank you for this fantastic site! I meet very few people who remember this show, and to think that there is a excellent site devoted to it, makes me love the net that much more. I went to the first grade in 71 and I had a Double Decker lunch box. So to see it again after almost 30 years in incredible! Again, Thanks.

3/00 - Clive from the UK writes: Just a quick note to say - great site ! Been looking for a DD site for months ! Keep up the good work.

2/00 - Lorna from the UK writes: Hello my name is Lorna Parker and I live in the UK I have been a longtime fan of the Double Deckers and my interest was re-awakened following the article in the Daily Mail and your response providing the web site address. I have only just managed to log on to the web site and was particularly interested in the home page and the listing of programme information and technical credits. I was very disappointed to see the name Heis Parker for hairdressing. This lady was my mum and I spent 2 happy years on the production sets of the Double Deckers and was particularly close to Debbie Russ as she was the closest to my own age ( I am now 35 hrs old ) the reason for my disappointment is that my mums name was Muriel Parker but she was fondly known as Mibs and this became her working name and all the programmes she worked on over the years her name always appeared as Mibs Parker she was never known as Heis and I cannot imagine where this came from. Is it possible to change this ??although my lovely mum passed away some years ago she has 4 surviving children we all visited the set regularly and dd was a big part of our life we would all want to see that information correct. ( nb this information can be verified by referral to the early editions of the Rank yearbook a film crew directory ).
You say what memories do we have I particulary remember that Debbie always used to tell me not to bite my nails, it did not work I still do today. My mum used to have an endless suppy of the little round hairgrip that debbie wore to pin her hair back at the side and I always used to try to pinch them from her big hairdressing suitcase. My other memory is that I used to have a BBC recording of the songs from the programme and eventually wore it out as I contstantly played Grannies Rocking chair as this was not ony one of my favourite episodes but also my favourite song. They often used to film on a Saturday so guess what I did when I wasn't at school I used to spend many happy hours playing in the junkyard on the swings and the bus all of which was a permanent set at Elstree studios I hope you can help to put this right and hope you enjoy my memories of a wonderful programme keep up the good work, I will be a regular visitor to the site.

2/00 - Guy-Paul from France writes: Hi, my name is Guy-Paul, I' m French and I have always been a big fan of the Double Deckers serie or as we called it here...."Autobus à l' imperiale"! I' m glad you made this web site!!! Thanks so much for it... I remember watching it as a child in the 70's! I looked for it everywhere (even made the BBC search in their archives for at least one episode of it back in 1985 when I worked for them in London...) It finally came out a few years ago in video shortly after that French program you mention... How sad, I' ve never got to hear the real voices. but even if it' s in French' s better than nothing! well....this was really just to thank you for making this site!

2/00 - David writes: I remember watching the Double Deckers back in 1970/71 and being totally in love with Gillian B. Also watched Follyfoot hoping it would be an episode in which she appeared as the leading lady in that show sure depressed me! She appeared as a blind girl in some TV programme around that period and for many decades I have tried to remember what it was. Can you help? Any pictures of how she looks now?

2/00 - David from the UK writes: Like so many others I was delighted to find a whole site dedicated to the Double Deckers - I couldn't believe my eyes - well done! I live in England and remember seeing the series with my older brother when it was first aired in this country in 1971. It was transmitted on BBC 1 on Friday evenings from Jauary 1 until April 30, between 4.55 and 5.20pm and was sandwiched between "Jackanory" and "Abbott and Costello". My brother and I both have very fond memories of the programme and the BBC repeated it endlessly until at least 1977, but like numerous others I haven't seen an episode for over 20 and am hoping that it will be released on video eventually.
In the meantime here are some pieces of trivia for you:
Brinsley Forde did appear in other childrens programmes, most notably the mystery series "The Georgian House" made by Thames TV in 1976.
In response to "Dave from UK" who E-mailed you 3/1999, I too remember the episode "Man's best friend" very well and I think I have located the music the gang dance to in the "Laugh-in" spoof. It is titled "Following You" by Jack Arel and Jean-Claude Petit from a 1968 album of Chappell production music full of other psychedlic pop which was also used as background music in other series such as "Department S". When I first heard the piece I couldn't believe it and jumped for joy. I tried to explain to a friend why I was so excited and he just looked at me like I was nuts!
I live in Watford and the town hall used in the episode "Go Karters" is still there. It was used in numerous films and also cropped up in an episode of The Avengers. Watford isn't a particluarly pretty town, but being so close to the film studios at Borehamwood, it is often used for location filming.
The plots of some of the DD episodes seem to be borrowed from various Children's Film Foundation movies. For example: "Go Karters" is partly lifted from a 1963 CFF movie "Go Kart Go" which starred a very young Dennis Waterman and was filmed in Harrow. My brother and I saw this film at school as an end of term treat. Does anyone else remeber this film?
Also does anyone recall a 1968/69 BBC children's series "Adventure Weekly" which was about a gang of children who run their own newspaper. It wasn't as dynamic as DD and wasn't shown in America but it was repeated in 1971. Apparently the BBC have wiped the tapes, so we will never see it again, but someone else must remember it. One of the young stars was Len Jones who was also the voice of Joe 90 in the Gerry Anderson puppet series. I would especially like to hear the theme music again - if anyone has any information about it pleae contact me. Looking forward to seeing the updated site soon.

2/00 - Louie from the UK writes: This has got to be one of the best sites I have visited for quite a while. Please keep it up because I can't find any other links regarding The Double Deckers. All the best.

2/00 - Morgan from the UK writes: What can I say? Great site, I first watched the show as a four year old back in 1970/71.

2/00 - Bruce writes: Terrific to see a web site about the dd! Now all I have to do is get my soundcard working - can't wait to hear the theme again!
Keep up the good work!

1/00 - Peter from Pratteln, Switzerland writes: I can't believe that I have found a page dedicated to the Double Deckers. I can remember being 7 years old copying all their antics in the infant school playground in England. We each took a role and I took Billie mainly because I was totally in love with her (and still am!)
It is wonderful to see all the pictures again, hear the music and see what they are all doing now. This was truly one of the shows, you never forget. Keep up the good work!

1/00 - Tim writes: Is there ever a chance of a video release of DD? Thanks for posting and maintaining this sight, when I saw the show on TV I was so young I couldn't remember much about it, your site helped me to know that the show was not a figment of my imagintion that it did exist. I'm the ONLY person I know that was "aware" of such a show. I live in the USA but it was things such as DD, The Beatles and Benny Hill show That brought me up to love and admire the UK. In '86 I visited London. I even wrote a song called "Tower of London" that my band will soon record.

1/00 - Kevin from the UK writes: As someone who watched the Double Deckers every saturday back in the early 1970's, I was amazed to find this site. It certainly brings back memories from a long time ago! I was about nine or ten when the show aired, and watched every episode. Loved it. I even cut out the show details each week from the radio times.
Good luck with the site.

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