Comments from 6/00 to 12/00

12/00 - Gary and Sue from Mansfield, UK write: My wife and I have just spent the last few minutes singing the Double Deckers Theme Song. It bought back so many memories. You have a great site here.

12/00 - Phil writes - What a great site! I've had a great time browsing around and listening to the theme songs. It brings it all back! Many thanks.

11/00 - Steve from the UK writes: Brilliant web site. What a shame these programmes aren't repeated today.

11/00 - Gilles writes: Thank you so much for your site David. I loved the double deckers when i was a kid and it's been great to hear the theme again.Now I'm looking for a good mp3 of the song! I'm french but unfortunately I haven't seen the Arthur show when it was broadcast. I'll tell u if I find anything about the show.

11/00 - Eric from Quebec, Canada writes: Thank you for your site. I have had the theme song planted in my brain for years and now I can ear it for real on my computer. "L'autobus à impériale", in french, is one of the last souvenir of my childhood.

11/00 - Pierre from France writes: Hello from from France. It's about the interview on french TV (1995). The show is called "Les enfants de la télé", and the presenter is called "Arthur". I hope this helps ;-)

11/00 - Hobbes from Australia writes: I've been recently spring cleaning boxes that have been in storage since I was about 12 years old. Look what turned up in the December 1979 issue of Cheeky Magazine: a Double Deckers comic strip! The Double Deckers show wasn't shown on Australian TV until about 1983, so at the time Ii read the magazine I wasn't familiar with the characters. Now, of course, I went "AHHHHHHH!" and just had to scan it in for you. Sorry the files were so big and have lost a little bit of quality in reduction, but the originals were newspaper-sized. I had other issues of the magazine, so if i turn up any more cartoons i'll drop you a line.

11/00 - Tim from the UK writes: It's been ages since we last chatted and I thought that I'd drop you a line. I've recently been corresponding with another DD fan who lives in the states. He saw my email address on the notice board and mistakenly thought that I owned some videos. This proved to be a fortunate error as through writing to each other we were able to agree that we shared some consistencies with DD fever. They are as follows:
1. When we were young we both at some stage dreamt that we had joined the DD's, and were mortified to discover it was just a dream.
2. The show represented our first ever crush (He Billie, Me Tiger)
3. These stirrings have been re-awakened upon discovering your website and as fully grown men we would love to develop a clandestine e-relationship with the subject of our hearts desire.
4. Watching the DD's does not so much bring back memories of a great programme but also of a happy and carefree time of our lives, for me it was always the preliminary to a day out somewhere, when everything was provided for me.
5. Nearly all American members of the audience develop and maintain an affection for England.
6. 70% of 30 something's that you mention the show to can't remember it.
7. Upon discovering the real player feature containing the theme tune you wait till the office clears at night so that you can dance around whilst playing it at full blast.
I visited the site on Saturday for the first time in ages and as ever it bought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. I was particularly pleased to see the contribution in the comments section that Douglas (I nearly typed Doughnut then!) had made. If ever I have to visit a hospital for whatever reason I shall keep an eye open for him!

10/00 - Tim from the US writes: I'm sitting here sobbing like a ten-year -old child, the child I was when DD was the center of my prepubescent world. At 10:30 on Saturday mornings I was enraptured by the most charming television program a child could ever want. I fell in love with a beautiful English girl ( Billie, as you probably guessed ) and life has never been the same . Because of Billie and her wonderful companions I gained an appreciation for the world outside my rural Georgia home! A union jack STILL hangs in my garage and I have to stand whenever I hear " Rule Britania." Do you know of any way that I could send Gillian Bailey a note to thank her and let her know how much DD meant to me? I'd love to request an autographed picture of her as Billie or any of her grown up roles. THANK YOU for this wonderful site. That delightful childrens' show changed my life more than any program before or since. I guess I'd better go now before my keyboard shorts out. Bless you for your efforts.

Just another note to say " THANK YOU " for this great site. DD was without doubt the greatest (kid's?) show of all time! Again, any help you can offer in getting a note to Gillian Bailey would be appreciated.

I sure am enjoying this website. It's the highlight of my day. The comments are inspiring. I never knew there were so many DD fans out there. What led you to construct the site and how did you manage to gather so much information?

I'm forty years old today, and I can honestly say that not a week has gone by in the last thirty of those years when I have not thought of the Double Deckers, especially Billie of course. Those kids were like members of my family, much more than television personalities. I loved them so. Thanks for the site and I'll be back as often as I can.

10/00 - Graham from the UK writes: Hi. Got talking about '70 s kids programs, and DD cropped up. I have a vague memory of the program, so I did a net search and here I am. Great sight.Lots of memories came flooding back, most in black and white (my parents only had a b&w tv in those days!) I also remember a film which camioed the DD's.The film stared Reg Varny as a stunt man, the film was shot either at Pinewood or at Elstree.Can't remember what it was called though! Hope this is of help.

10/00 - Stephen from Gillingham, Kent, UK writes: Good grief, a website on the Double Deckers!! I well remember the programme as a kid but felt that it moved along at too fast a pace for me unlike other UK kids shows of the time. I'm sure that the object was to keep up with US imports then being screened in the UK (The Monkees was a good example of the trend I refer to). Later programmes like Adventure Weekly were much more ponderous in approach. Incidentally, Cheryl Burfield was a star of that programme and later went on to appear in 'Timeslip', an Independent Television production. She was the love of my life (although she never knew) and would be approaching the 50/51 mark now.

9/00 - Jonathan from Hertfordshire, England writes: I heard Melvyn Hayes being interviewed by Jonathan Ross on BBC Radio 2 onSaturday 2nd September 2000. Jonathan Ross was a big fan of DD and spent most of the interview chatting about the show. Melvyn was saying that Debbie Russ is in Japan and doing well for herself. I don't know if he's still in contact with her or if he's just seen the info on your fantastic website.

I'm a huge fan of the show and, hearing about it again on the radio, I surfed the net and found your site. It's been a joy to see those familiar faces that I grew up with and haven't seen on screen for almost 30 years. I was 7 when it first aired, and I was madly in love with Debbie Russ! I'm really curious to see how she looks today. I do hope she contacts you and lets us all know what's been happening in her life.

I've bookmarked the site and will be a frequent visitor. Thanks for a great job.

9/00 - Stephanie from London writes - ..How absolutely amazing to find a website about the Double first conscious memory of TV. I am really surprised that it was shown in the states as I thought it was too British. Fantastic website, downloaded the theme song. Thank you so much.

9/00 - MG of the UK writes - What a great site, very comprehensive. I'm a 34-year-old Londoner and The Double Deckers is just so prominent in my memory of early 70s Britain. It was the very early days of colour TV and the set always seemed really colourful. I guess I could relate the characters to people in my class at school. It was one of those unmissable shows. The theme tune was really distinctive and, looking back, the plots were always were imaginative and inventive. Most of my mates have vague recollections of the show. We all had a crush on Tiger! It would be excellent to see the shows again and get a copy of the music.

9/00 - Peter from Orange County, California writes: Hello! I am a 37 year old man in California and I LOVED The Double Deckers as a kid!...Thanks for the GREAT site!

9/00 - Mike writes: It's so many years ago now, but I think I went to school with Debbie Russ. I can remember being in the playground and someone telling me "Thats Tiger from the Double Deckers". Then I was talking to her and she confirmed it. The school was St Mary's RC, Walthamstow E17. Does anyone know if Debbie really went to this school?

8/00 - Pamela writes: Hi there. I am new to this site. I just thought I would try and see if anything would come up about the series. A few years ago I advertised to see if anyone could find out what became of you all. A friend of Gillian Bailys (I forget who!!) wrote and said she knew Gillian, then Gillian wrote to me 2 times!! to say what had become of them all, at the time Gillian was moving house but still had the time to write to me!!! I met Melvin Hayes 2 years ago and he had photos of the Double Deckers, My all time favorite was Debbie Russ (she was so small for her age 10 years old I think) and a lot of people said if Deb Russ and myself were put together we would look like sisters!! I did want to know what became of them now and glad that I have more than 1 photo of them all now.

8/00 - Frederick from Michigan writes: ...I found your exquisite Double Deckers site one night while searching the web for all sorts of memories of shows from my childhood (b.1962) like DD's, Lancelot Link, Dark Shadows, Mod Squad, etc. For years and years, I've been occasionally replaying very short "video 'clips' " in my brain of the Double Deckers to keep their memory alive. And "voila", here you've all preserved a grand showcase for our generation to re-visit. A particular "clip" from the show has stayed with me (if I'm not mistaken), wasn't there an episode that had the 'deckers in a toy store with a whole bunch of wind-up walking, talking dolls speaking out of sync with each other, saying "...I am your baby doll! I walk and talk."? This memory of mine is in the British "accent". I looked at all 17 of the episode descriptions you have and I couldn't see what I'm thinking of. I hope it wasn't actually from the other show, "Magnificent 6 1/2". Do you have time and/or space to post or send a reply to this seemingly "minor" detail? This memory "clip" has replayed in my mind hundreds of times since age 8 or 9. No one I know even remembers the show at all, I think you had to have been one of the "smarter kids" in school to remember the 'deckers. Thanks for the nice site.

8/00 - A DD fan from the UK writes: Hi! Like everyone else, I'd like to say thank you for this site. There are alot of strange things about this show...
1) Why do so many of us (both sides of the water) find it difficult in every day life to find anyone else who remembers it?? -This is a really weird phenomenon, don't you think?
2) I find it quite unique in that it was so popular in US. -Could this perhaps have something to do with the fact that it was made in a sort of 'American style'? -I ask 'cos until recently, I always thought it was an American show (taking into consideration of course I am going by memories alone of nearly thirty years ago now, -I've never seen it in all that time)
3) I also found it odd that people had previously thought that Bruce Clarke was no longer with us, when in fact I had always been under the impression that Debbie Russ had died many, many years ago...
4) Everyone seems convinced that there were more episodes/series, -are you sure there was just the seventeen episodes? -I ask because coming from the UK, I am aware that the longest any single series can be (that is from week to week episodes without a break) is generally 13 episodes at the very most, and as for 'first' seasons these usually begin with sometimes as few as only six episodes, -perhaps seven, but eight at the very most... It would be worth researching this some more, as again (due to my own personal experiences) even cast members have appalling memories for such information, and cannot be relied upon, believe me!
5) Finally; we all know of course that DD has never been released on video, and so where are people getting the episodes from that do have some?? To my knowledge, DD has NEVER been repeated on TV since the invention of the Video Recorder. -I think the very last showing over here was as far back as 1973. Once again, many thanks for your site.

8/00 - Robert from the UKL writes: I was a kid in the 1970s and remember the Double Deckers well. When I was in the first year of elementary school they were obligatory viewing after a week's school on Friday afternoons. I like the photos that Douglas "Doughnut" Simmonds has contributed. I do realise though that in these days of political correctness the way Doughnut is portrayed would be seen as fattist. Quite a few of the Double Deckers went on to other things. Melvyn Hayes went on to being told to shut up by Windsor Davies in "It Ain't Half Hot Mum".Peter Firth carved out a good movie career for himself. I remember well the episode "Robbie The Robot" where Tiger's tiger lands in the garden of Frank "Captain Peacock" Thornton. 1930s kids had Our Gang and 1970s kids had The Double Deckers. What surrogate gang does today's kids have? Cheers.

8/00 - Louie from the UK writes: Well after looking at your site I would just like to let you know that i think it is excellent. It's good to know that there are fans worldwide that watched the show.

8/00 - Louisa writes: Hello. Wonderful to see your page which I stumbled across by accident. I sometimes wondered what had happened to them all and was glad to find out. Back in the 70s this programme was my faveourite which I never missed. I especially liked Tiger as I think she would have been about my age then! I am surprised though to find it on an American website as I didn't know you had it over there. Your pages brought back many happy memories to us thirty-somethings. Thanks.

8/00 - Mary Louise from the US writes:I have to thank you for your website!!! My sister and I grew up in New Jersey. We can remember watching the tv show on Saturday mornings. My sister still has the lunch box. Everyone we ask about the show never heard of it. We thought we were the only fans.

8/00 - David from the UK writes:Hello, To help you update your "Programme Information" page on your "Double Deckers" site the following information regarding the transmission dates/times may be of use to you: "Here Come The Double Deckers" Twentieth Century Fox Television production. 1969. One series. Colour. 17 episodes (25 minutes -- NB this was the time alotted for the show by the BBC although each episode actually runs at closer to 20 minutes). Transmitted BBC 1, 1 January1971 - 30 April1971. Repeated 1972 - 1984(?). The series was originally transmitted between 4.55 and 5.20 every Fiday evening, after "Jackanory" (a story-telling show) and before "Abbott and Costello" (the cartoon series). As you can see it was aired here in the UK four months after it debuted in America. "The Radio Times" (the BBC's TV listings magazine) did not print the title of the first episode and billed it as simply "Double Deckers" with the second episode being
"The Double Deckers". They got the title right by the third week! Curiously the episodes were shown in a different order to the one you list on your site. the order was as follows:
Untitled (Actually "Get A Movie On")
Summer Camp
Star Struck
Happy Haunting
Man's Best Friend
The Pop Singer
The Case Of The Missing Doughnut
Scooper Strikes Out
Robbie The Robot
A Helping hound
Tiger Takes Off
A Hit For A Miss
Up to Scratch
Invaders From Space
United We Stand
I was lucky to buy a compilation video of 16 of the 17 epiosdes recently and it was great to see them again after all these years. These are recordings made when Sky transmitted them in the late 1980s and they are in the order you show on your episode guide. However I noticed that some feature a preview section on next week's episode at the end. Surely this would have caused problems if the BBC showed them in a different order back in 1971? Can you shed any light on this? I hope the above is of some use to you. Sadly the "Radio Times" never ran a feature on the show although they did have a small piece on the episode "Man's Best Friend" under the title "Son Of Laugh In". When I get a chance I will scan this and send it to you if you let me know the best format to use (I have an Apple computer not a PC). Regards.

8/00 - Gino writes: Fantastic...great stuff...relived my childhood...I grew up in Belfast and I was born in 65 and had a crush on Tiger... nothing like the Double Deckers....

7/00 - Kevin writes: Thanks for this brilliant website on the Double Deckers. I used to watch the programme many years ago as a kid. My girlfriend and I were singing the theme tune the other day and talking about all the characters and I said there must be a website out there somewhere.....and here it is. It's got lots of info and nicely laid out, it's a real pleasure to visit. I've put it in my favourites folder so I will no doubt be visiting again soon. It's good to reminisce now and again. Thanks again.

7/00 - Tamara writes: Hiya, Ive just visited your website I've really enjoyed it. I'm new to the internet just got connected this week I watched the recent programme and got the website from there. I was intereested in Tiger mainly but see she has not continued a TV career. I looked like her when I was younger. I loved this prog and wish my children could watch it. Please keep me updated if the series ever comes out on viideo. really good.

7/00 - Barbara writes: This is a great site. I have always told people while I was growing up about this show , and no one has ever heard of it. I thought I began to imagine it as a child. It was great finding this site. Thanks for bringing back old memories.

7/00 - A DD fan from France writes: Great thanks from France for this fabulous series...! it's the first time that I regret , my english not to be enough good in this register, to traduct all my feelings....

6/00 - Kevin from the UK writes: Nice little website. It brought back a lot of memories of a mis-spent youth, spent lazing in bed on a saturday morning. The programme was an institution, and it seems a great shame that we cant relive the episodes by watching the video releases, but I dare say that one day, maybe somebody will realise that there is a cult following for this stuff. Until then..keep the faith and stay on board.

6/00 - David from London writes: I'm 34, and loved the Double Deckers, it seemed to have a dream like quality about it , being in a gang where every one got on and had there own special place to hang out. Every thing a kid wants at that age. Billie was constanly in my thoughts,as its seems were a lot of boys our age! Thank you for a great blast from my past, you are officialy bookmarked, your hard work has not gone unappreciated.

6/00 - Andy from the UK writes: Here's a copy of the story. I'll send a copy as it appeared in the paper through the post! Thanks again for your help.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Douglas Simmonds from The Double Deckers.
Scooper, Spring, Billie, Brains, Sticks, Tiger and Doughnut - here come The Double Deckers! The popular children's TV series ran for just one season, 17 episodes, in 1970/ 71. The stories centred around seven kids from London and their adult street cleaner friend, Albert, played by Melvyn Hayes. The group formed a club and met in an abandoned double decker bus situated in a loca